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Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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I know for a fact I'm a part of the minority here that doesn't like star wars..but, yep I'm THAT guy:rolleyes: I knew it was probably coming and as of right now; I'm not ecstatic but I will go into this with an open mind especially with looking at the concept art..
Seconded. I'm actually not a huge Star Wars fan - but I'll stick with what I said when Avatar was announced. Liking the ip a ride is based on on is not a prerequisite to enjoying the ride if it's done well.

I am bummed a tiny bit about a specific ip based land going into Disneyland itself where everything else is general and that its gonna close toontown. But presumably this means tomorrow land is safe as well as the subs and a autopia which I think are the more important things to save.


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I hope not.

For the IP and the scope I'd have hoped for more than just 2 attractions let alone that.
I hope they keep star tours and enhance it to fit the surroundings. You could even have it as a way back to earth.

Edit: they might retheme it to the falcon ride.


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If Star Wars at Disneyland is going in the back I wonder if star tours will get replaced with that iron man ride hong kong is getting - since they're basically the same ride correct?


It could be moved, especially if it's going to be reworked for this attraction anyway. It would be odd to have a whole land dedicated to Star Wars, and Star Tours in another locaiton in the same park(s).
Do you think they would retheme the ride to non-SW or move it after having upgraded it in '09?
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