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Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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In regards to the falcon ride and it being a personal simulator.
It is possible the ride queue is designed to Look like you are entering the falcon and then groups are taken to various cockpits.
The pilot control cockpit.
The gunnery cockpit
There will be multiple cockpits for the large crowds.
This could give an amazing personal experience like you are actually part of a team flying the falcon or its own gunner like Luke in ANH.

Just a thought....but how cool would that be?


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Seconded. I'm actually not a huge Star Wars fan - but I'll stick with what I said when Avatar was announced. Liking the ip a ride is based on on is not a prerequisite to enjoying the ride if it's done well.

I am bummed a tiny bit about a specific ip based land going into Disneyland itself where everything else is general and that its gonna close toontown. But presumably this means tomorrow land is safe as well as the subs and a autopia which I think are the more important things to save.
I'm not a huge Star Wars fan myself - JAWS was my thing, Close Encounters too.
This brings up something interesting...
As a huge fan of JAWS, I had very little interest in Uni's JAWS - because I thought it looked very poor.
Especially the shark in his earlier iterations.
Star Wars (Star Tours and the Jedi Academy) in Hollywood Studios works very well for me and this new Star Wars land is just going to hit it out of the park.


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But, but... Star Wars has nothing to do with the theme of Disneyland park or Hollywood studios - what does a foreign planet based on a specific ip have to do with a park about general themes or making movies? This completely ruins everything! Plus the movies are crap - just a western in space and its just gonna be star tours 3.0 and a fancy spinner.

Probably should put it in frontierland then.


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Rereading the press release it say two signature attractions, not two new signature attractions. Makes you wonder.
I was thinking the same thing...and you also have to wonder if that 14 acres includes Star Tours or not, here's hoping that Star Tours is not included and we are getting an additional 14 acres. The Parks and Resorts panel should be interesting.
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