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Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


Active Member
Surely the mere mention of the name and some vague art is enough to have the fans drooling either way?

Now. Details. Timeframe? Cost? Specifics? Attraction descriptions?

Or just enough "news" to stop the complaints?

The park certainly needs it. It doesn't need to be part of a PR hype machine.
Agree- hopefully we get some more details in a few hours.


New Member
Did I miss the part about 14 acres at dhs???? My impression was 14 was only disneyland someone tell me I'm wrong..... the studio needs a major overhaul and this would be amazing


Well-Known Member
I wonder where those 14 acres will be shoehorned in DHS. I am super pumped, #itsaland !!! Hopefully the rides won't be all screens....


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At the risk of being "that guy" could one of these "new" attractions just be a reworked Star Tours?
I wondered the exact same thing.

Based on the same "climactic battle" description, it could also be a plussed Jedi Training Academy.
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