Splash Mountain re-theme announced

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You mean our generation that refuses to put up with the BS that previous generations did? To think - if they had only not tanked the economy twice and elected good leadership consistently, we'd all have jobs to take up our time and no time to care.
Speak for yourself I’ve got two jobs right now.


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The movie takes place during Reconstruction as does the book it's based on. But the movie doesn't make that explicit. Many people who've seen the movie think it's still taking place during the time of slavery... which just shows what kind of depiction of Black people are given in the movie.​
The Blacks in the movie are sharecroppers during Reconstruction. Though freed, they are still dirt poor and treated very badly by most White people. Their rights are stifled (until the 1960s with the Civil Rights Act). The are kept poor and disenfranchised. And when they try to get ahead, they are lynched and terrorizes. That's the lot of the freed slaves in the South. But the movie not only ignores all that, but makes the sharecroppers happy-go-lucky farmers with not a care in the world.​
The movie engages in the trope of The Magic Negro.​

This isn't really an accurate depiction of the Reconstruction era (nor is the movie, obviously) -- African Americans had more political power during Reconstruction than at any other time in American history up until the present. They held numerous state and local positions, as well as a US Senate seat and multiple seats in the House. It was when Reconstruction ended that white supremacy really reared its ugly head again (in terms of full control of political power, that is... there was plenty of white supremacy during Reconstruction).

Not that any of that is relevant to the movie or has anything to do with the ride.
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Does this mark the official end of caring about thematic integrity? I know there have been some stretches to make certain attractions fit before (ironically including Splash Mountain in Frontierland), but it seems like the new mentality is to just lackadaisically insert IP into areas that don’t make sense at all. Bayous in the frontier? Guardians of the Galaxy in 1930s Hollywood? They’re becoming less theme parks and more amusement parks by the second.
I think the official end was a long time ago


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You're on a Disney Park forums fandom (I'm shocked at how often I have to remind clueless people about this plain and simple fact). Open your eyes. It's a discussion forum for fans of Disney theme parks. Of COURSE the people who participate on these forums live their lives around Disney theme parks. In the same sense that there are huge Harry Potter fans with fan-fiction sites (our equivalent to imagineering forums). Or a young man has his room dedicated with signed football superstar products with football stations on three different TVs in his mancave.

You're on a DISNEY. FAN. SITE. If you think you're going to be able to get away with bashing classic, historical, beloved attractions by hundreds of Disney fans here, then you're delusional.

But that's probably what you were wanting anyways.
people on these boards attacking whether youre a "true" disney fan because you have a difference of opinion is silly.


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There is no reason or justification for reopening the ride with the rest of the park in July.

We do need to be consistent though, anything else problematic, or like Splash, connected to someone or something problematic, must be shut down immediately.

If Disney wants to go down that brier patch, then they had better prepare to shut down a lot.


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I support this change, but I think they've done a disservice to the Princess and the Frog movie by setting this "after the final kiss". How will they build up the fear of the drop if they don't even have Dr Falicitier and his spirits to taunt us? Perhaps they were afraid that would eventually be called out as improper too?

I want the props they're removing from this ride.

I will claim the gopher from the tree that says "FSU"



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Speak for yourself I’ve got two jobs right now.

I'm talking for our generation, which statistically is still suffering from unemployment and underemployment compared to other generations before ours. There are outliers like you and me.


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Think about how terrible of a business decision that is. Disney, however, is a soundly-run business, even if fans don't always agree with their decisions. That concept art did not get slapped together in an afternoon. This has been planned, likely for awhile, and Disney is capitalizing on the current political climate with their wording and timing of the announcement.
That makes sense especially considering the financial situation of the company... this project is clearly trying to send a bold message, garner some sympathetic press, and breathe life into their stock price


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I know this is probably not going to be seen by anyone. I seriously doubt we can say this is part of cancel culture.

They likely have been planning this for a while. Concept Art like this doesn’t come out of nowhere.
I disagree, Disney is not exempt from it. They can choose not to act on petitions but it makes them look like they don't care about the issue. The petitions started a few weeks ago and that's plenty of time to make some concept art. It's just one piece of concept art - things change from concept art all the time. I don't believe that this was being planned before the petitions.


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Yeah. Some of the replies here are flat out ridiculous. It's a freaking retheme people! Get over yourselves!
This isn’t just about the politics of the situation, at least for me. I said “enough is enough” when they ended IllumiNations. For me, this is about ending yet another iconic Disney experience. I even think TTA is iconic. For as simple as TTA is, I would be devastated if that was taken out more than I would be with Jungle Cruise. Jungle Cruise is a classic opening day attraction, but I don’t think it’s iconic. To me, there’s a difference between classic and Iconic. IllumiNations was iconic and had no right to be discontinued.


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You're on a DISNEY. FAN. SITE. If you think you're going to be able to get away with bashing classic, historical, beloved attractions by hundreds of Disney fans here, then you're delusional.

"Get away with" what? A difference of opinion? Splash is one of my favorite rides and I will miss it very much. Yet I think those who never cared for it are entitled to their opinion too. The gatekeeping in fan communities is really offputting sometimes. No matter how many hours of our lives we've whiled away talking and reading about Disney parks, and I include myself in that, none of us should feel entitled to dictate whether others will "get away with" a dissenting opinion about our favorite rides, even the most widely beloved.


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I've heard good things about Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! and Frozen Ever After.

Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission Breakout is great. It is very well done and so much better then tower of terror. It is funny along with the thrill aspect of it. Not to mention the queue is amazing. I wish they would change the DHS tower of terror.

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Can we retheme all of Epcot World Showcase since it's appropriating cultures? How about Frontierland since we took over the land from Native Americans? How about Liberty Square since we are celebrating colonolization? Also wasn't Walt friends with that German leader?

Please, sir, please! These are all excellent ideas. One at a time, please!

By the way, did you ever notice that USA is flanked by not France and England, its closest allies in WW2, but Italy and Japan? And then Germany next to Italy. Really makes you think......


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If this is actually going to happen, and relatively soon, I'm sure there are execs positively salivating at the thought of "so long Splash Mountain" merch they can shift. Like Great Movie Ride and Reflections times 100.
Exact opposite, you're going to see all that stuff disappear quicker than @realBobChapek hairline. Splash is a liability now. I wouldn't be surprised that when they keep the ride closed they turn off all the outdoor lightning and put construction walls up asap.

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