Splash Mountain re-theme announced


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Anyone else feel like their going to throw up?
I sincerely apologize to everyone here on behalf of my entire spoiled and thin skinned generation.
You mean our generation that refuses to put up with the BS that previous generations did? To think - if they had only not tanked the economy twice and elected good leadership consistently, we'd all have jobs to take up our time and no time to care.

They better not retire Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear and Brer Fox from the parks!

Including merchandise featuring them!
They've not been regularly at the parks for years - mostly because few people know who they are anymore.

I look to Walt's Disneyland opening speech "Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America…with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. "

Looks like people want to avoid 'hard facts'
Hard facts that were ignored in Walt's mostly midwestern-white-anglo-saxon Greatest Generation interpretation of America.

Just go ahead and put Karl Marx's face at the park entrance. That's where this whole movement is headed.
That'd be hilarious in a Disney theme park, which are the greatest monuments to capitalism and consumer culture the world has ever known. More hilarious since Disney has two parks in a communist country.


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This will fit better in Disneyland (I think their ride borders New Orleans Square? Or is at least close to it?), but it really doesn’t fit in Frontierland at all, unless they rename the land.
Yeah it fits perfectly in Disneyland. Frontierland, not so much. I can see a re-theme of the entire land, personally.


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It was good at the time but now? Its time to retire COP and use that space for something new.
All the while, Stitch's Great Escape sits empty. Moreover, let's just ignore Imagination. Let's just pretend like DHS and DAK have enough to do.

Imagine if a purpose built PatF ride went into DHS, giving the park a much needed water ride. These projects come at the expense of those projects that would actually benefit more.

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Princess and the Frog is set in a segregated city in the Jim Crow south. Everything people claim about Song of the South painting a rosy picture of slavery and/or reconstruction is also true in Princess and the Frog regarding segregation and racism.

If one of them is racist, they both are.

(Spoiler alert: Neither one is.)
There are definitely ouch moments in SotS - the whole tar baby cartoon for one -- but its no more or less racist than many other movies available. Some of the problems developed because it hasn't been seen in so long (just see how many people think its pre-civil war and everyone are slaves. They're not. They're sharecroppers). Some are intrinsically tied to racial views of the era. Some of the film is even a bit forward thinking (the two boys are different races yet become best friends). Even Walt Disney was aware of its potential to be offensive when made and tried to be as even handed as he could be (for the time anyways). It'll will probably never be released here (it has been elsewhere) which in a way is sad. There's something magical about the moment Uncle Remus starts to sing and the cartoon literally explodes out of his head. It's cool now. Must have been mind blowing back then.


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I watched it for the first time a few years ago and a ways into the movie I thought, "alright this is no worse than Dumbo". Then it shifted. The movie is racist to the point where it wouldn't be released today or even 20 years ago. To say otherwise would be woefully ignorant.
Good to know that you think that is racist, because the cast didn't think so.


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Respectfully, your are making an illogical connection between the absolute horror of slavery and a theme park ride (with zero connections to racism, racism themes, or racist stories). And again, the movie the Song Of The South itself was not racist or offensive in any way.
I wasn't. I was stating why disney is feeling the pressure to change it. The OP stated that the past isn't relevant to the present.

You put that in quotes like you don’t believe it.
I quoted it because that is what the OP called it.


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Not true. There were protests against the film beginning in 1946.
The louder protests quickly died down into general uneasiness after the film was released and people realized that Uncle Remus was the hero of the story. Today the NAACP has no position on it, and Whoopi Goldberg has called on the company to stop hiding it because it’s definitely problematic, but not racist.

Don’t get me wrong. The live-action and Remus framework are pure cringe for multiple reasons. The animation, however, is superb.

But there’s no question that Walt was foolish to wrap the stories within the Reconstruction period. Regardless of how much he thought he was making a stand for equality, the movie was still unfortunately a reflection of its time.
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I am very surprised by some of the comments in this thread.

I think people are absolutely welcome to be upset by the change to a classic attraction. I think a lot of people love it the way it is and have many memories with it. I think people can also believe that Prince and the Frog isn't their favorite movie or a good pick. I think people can be outraged by the knee-jerk reaction and the thought of spending money to redo something when other things need more attention.

I'm surprised though by the comments that we might as well close attractions x,y, & z, rip out the Partners statue, the beginning of the end talk, rename everything, etc. That's a bit extreme. It doesn't look pretty. There have been worse decisions made. If you're not happy that's okay, but to shout from the mountain tops that it's the worst thing in history and that we might as well put the final nail in the coffin, that's just extreme.
Not extreme. It’s a wrap for me. I will not be back.


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This is heartbreaking for me. Splash was always our rope drop ride since I was a kid. And the queue with the windows right as you board and the finale Zipadeedoodah were just such Disney magic moments. The ride did not the have the same problems as the film. And the message of having a wonderful day just set the tone for the experience of an MK day. This is what I’ve been most looking forward to experiencing with my now 2 year old. I was married at Disney and hoped to buy a timeshare in the future.. and a change like this to the most immersive ride on property will definitely make us rethink these plans. I truly think that I could take any ride or attraction and argue that it has sexist, racist, or dated implications because it was made in a different time. But I think Disney is forgetting that part of what makes people pay big money to go is having shared experiences of what they had as a child with their children. Also the whole erasing history.. HBO is rereleasing Gone with the Wind with historical discussion and context. A plague or informational area could do something similar.


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@marni1971, I know you don’t live in FL, so you probably didn’t know this, but the main reason Splash is remotely popular is that it’s hot as balls all the time. As long as I can still cool down on the ride, I really don’t care either way.
Youre right. I thought it was immensely popular due to being Splash Mountain. Funny how it has lines in winter in Tokyo too.
@mdktf @marni1971 @tirian @wdwmagic

Is there any hope of stopping this? Are there emails I can send? Phone numbers I can call? I've signed a change.org petition but I just don't see that as being enough. I cannot imagine visiting MK or DL without riding Splash--This is actually a turning point for me. This is serious enough for me to begin winding down visits to Disney properties and exploring new resort and vacation destinations. I am beyond saddened by this knee-jerk and silly decision.
Start by emailing guest relations for now.


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AWESOME!! 😃 While I enjoyed Splash Mountain I‘m not sad to see it go and am excited to get something new. I cannot wait to see what the finished product is, though I know I must, lol. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I hope they do better than the reimagining of the Maelstrom ride. I actively dislike the Frozen theme. I mean, I love Frozen but I was super disappointed when I finally rode it. IMO I’d like to see the pavilions stay with their country’s theme rather than make it about something Disney. But that’s just me.

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