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Replacement for Tomorrowland Speedway?

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Seems the staff here at WDWMagic is going to be quite busy creating new threads this weekend (more so than normal for a D23 event at least). Guess you'll (@marni1971 ) be on-call to provide the details/corrections! ;)
I still remember the day the Stars Wars Land and Toy Story Land threads were first created and when the sub-form for the Studios Redevelopment were made days after D23 back in 2015 and when they first revealed Ginnifer Goodwin to be the voice of Judy Hopps from Zootopia.


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quoting myself and adding: OR - do the Tron thing as suggested, and put a smaller kid-driving track elsewhere.

So if Lightcycle is about a minute, and the current Speedway is over 4 minutes, that will likely churn out a lot more people unless the ride capacity is significantly smaller.
They missed an opportunity to integrate an RC racer Speedway style attraction into Toy Story Land. Moving this type of attraction to DHS or even Epcot should definitely happen.


This is getting old fast, Dolores. Knock it off.
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I've been on TRON in Shanghai about 7 times... When I first saw the POVs from park opening I was pretty underwhelmed due to length of the ride. However after riding this.. It's a truly fantastic modern day Disney coaster.

The launch I around 60 mph however compared to RnRC, the launch is smoother and less lurch inducing. Turns and movement are very smooth with the ride not really having any drops. I would say the track is pretty comparable to Space Mountain in Disneyland in terms of smoothness. What gives an otherwise tame coaster some excitement is the bike setup for seating. After riding it multiple times, I see why they chose the length they did as any longer and I could see the seating position being slightly uncomfortable as you are leaned forward like a speed bike vs the more upright of FoP in AK. The last cart in some vehicles does have a normal sit down option for those with mobility issues. I requested this cart twice to try it and the ride was still very fun.

In terms of atmosphere and queue.. It's incredible. It's so rare to step in to a line up that amps you up for whats coming. Most queues entertain or encourage me to take in my surroundings.. Tron with the lights, special video window, launching coaster and that amazing Daft Punk score just had me blown away in excitement. It's a feeling that's hard to convey.. but its something else.

As for my feelings about it being in MK... I'll have to see their implementation. It's a very large building so I'll reserve judgement. Thrill wise, It would for sure be the most intense attraction in MK. However it's not nearly as intense as RnRC is for comparison. It's way smoother and less jerky than BTMR and as I mentioned very similar in feel to Space Mountain in Disneyland but just add a launch.

I documented a bunch of TRON in a travel VLOG. So feel free to check it out. day time TRON/Tomorrowland starts at 48 seconds and I took a small on ride clip from the modified rider vehicle. Also includes Queue and area stuff. Make sure to watch the amazing window effect at 1:21 (You also can see the launch and how smooth it is)!
More Tron but at night time from 2:35 on wards as well!
That looks amazing!
And the lineup for turkey legs? What the heck?


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I'm part of team "this would fit better in Epcot instead of Guardians". But hey, anything to ADD capacity to a overfilled park. I still think it's going to a great addition to WDW regardless. Plus, I ALWAYS want more Tron.


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What if I said this isn't replacing the speedway?

I am wondering where the other site is getting their info. They just came out and said it's all
I could care less about Tron, but looked up this coaster (finally) just the other week, and it is cool!
A great modern addition to the park!
Beautiful and futuristic to look at.
It is a bit odd for it to be located next to another coaster - Space Mountain, but that's only odd for Disney really.

I too think WDW should have this coaster somewhere as I really like the look of Tron. My only concern about putting it into Tomorrowland would be the affect it could have on space mountain long term. Shanghai doesn't have a space mountain. Instead, they built the Tron coaster as their centerpiece. One could almost imply: if we get the Tron coaster in Tomorrowland, does that mean the days of space mountain are be numbered?

If that's the case, then I would not want a tron coaster, since to me space mountain the cornerstone of Tomorrowland.


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No no no.
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