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Replacement for Tomorrowland Speedway?

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As beautiful as Shanghai Disneyland is, there seems to be plenty of unthemed backsides, and problematic sightlines.

I don't really understand the reason. Sometimes they take into account tree growth, but that's definitely not the case with Tron
Totally. I understand all parks have issues either on day one where foliage needs to be given some time to grow in but no trees are ever going to cover that up... I think the Tron shed is also very visible from what will be Toy Store Playland if my memory serves me correctly.

I've just checked on Google Maps and a lower building has a Tron roof attached to it (the whiter roof that looks further away in the photo) so they could have done the same to the blue shed that is still visible but for whatever reason chose not to.


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The potential for sightline issues with this ride worry me a lot. I don't understand how the view shown in the picture was EVER allowed.
I don't understand the problem?
It's not as though the building is say Flight of Passage, or Battle Front, where the ride is supposed to be hidden by natural formations.
Or Potter, where we ware supposed to be in some far off land of castles and dragons.
I don't get how seeing the Tron building ruins anything.


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Fingers crossed. Still hoping it ends up coming to WDW, whether it's replacing something or not. I'd love to ride the TRON coaster.


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What if they did a Midget Autopia at the Test Track locations as was planned with Project Gemini, and completely reimagined all that land in Tomorrowland fmor several things....then they would still have the "U Drive" attraction but over at the pavilion that is all about cars, and the property in MK is available for a huge redevelopment....
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