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News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot


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I didn’t like it at first but it’s really grown on me. There’s almost never a wait and if there is it’s not very long. I’ve only been stuck twice but that was when it first launched. I personally think they need it to run to Disney springs yesterday.
I take the skyliner often, just because. Now with the social distancing having a gondola by yourself is very relaxing


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Here's a diagram of the proposed route. It looks like it was an extension of the EPCOT route.

Also note it continued farther south, to another terminus.

I found this in one of the boxes at the Buzz Price archives over at UCF.

View attachment 527282
Here’s a more detailed version with stations

I’ve seen several versions; this one with the loop and the one you posted which dead ended (though it may just have lacked detail and was a right of way suggestion)

I’ve also seen it coming off and joining the Epcot park loop between Imag and land, and also a self contained route with a station immediately west of the Epcot one. A variation passed either side of Land.


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Saw a video of this area on YouTube earlier and my partner who comes with me to the parks but is by no means a Disney "fan" looked at this and said "it looks so cheap and basic, clashes with the nice part at the front" then said "why are the window flower boxes so high they make no sense" and this is a guy who really doesn't notice most of the details at the parks in any significant way. If he noticed these things without me saying a word this has to be some seriously bad junk.

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