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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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This is a particularly hardware dense angle.

Remember when we were upset that waterfront restaurants in Mexico and Morocco were ruining the visuals of World Showcase? Those were the days.


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Now that we have all barges out, I wonder if anyone on the ground could give an update on what areas what things (specifically the center screen) are visible from
All over.

I’m more of a weekend hobbyist when it comes to Disney, and I typically fall middle of the road when it comes to my opinions on changes. But this is pretty rough even for someone like me. I didn’t take pictures, but I walked World Showcase from one end to the other, and they’re always there. You can’t get away from them.


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Eh, well I’d say if it was to replace Harm and become permanent then yeah more than just a few tweaks lol. Off the top of my head replace the children narrators with Figment and or Dreamfinder, make some of the segments longer (in particular the ToN segment) and yeah, replace the ending lol.
The children voices were so creepy

Giss Neric

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Yes I am sure they are DMX, mine run DMX as well. Had to build my own waterproof enclosure for all the snow we get here in Michigan. Between the nightly shows and all the summer rain in Florida, those things better be able to work underwater.

I posted over in chit-chat about an upcoming project I am doing (for fun, and free). The movers are great for adding effects to a song, especially an emotional or uplifting section. I also use them at times to "be" a character on a stage themselves moving them specific patterns and such. It is a bit of a pain in my software, but the looks on families faces as their kids dance and sing in my yard is priceless. Mine reach from the 2nd story peak of my house out into my yard. I'd be calling down aliens if I had those, lol...
RIP DMX. You will be missed.

Giss Neric

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What does anything that SD is doing have to do with anything WDW is doing? Comparing apples to oranges.
He has a point. SD theme song was written by Tom Fletcher so in some way we can grasp what our upcoming shows will be like from the shows overseas cause it's mostly like a collaboration and not entirely just SD who is creating it.


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Wow! Even nature can not generate enough of a water screen to hide the barges.
IDK, the only thing really visible is the Stargate. You can barely, if at all make out the Tacos. It took nothing to block out SSE. which is bigger than all of Harm. Is that because it's further away?

I'm NOT asking this to start a complaint flood but: Will Epcot turn off Harm's Fountains in driving rain/Severe Weather? I don't see a problem with rain and no wind.


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IIRC, insiders have said when the show was designed the plan was to bring out the barges each evening, like the Globe was in ROE. That plan was changed but things were already well underway.

So as hideous as the barges are, this isn’t the fault of the show designers. The decision was taken higher up that they would be left out on the lagoon 24/7.
Thanks for the insight. I'm still not a fan of the massive barges nor the LED arrays. I feel like they are simply rolling out the A/V Club TVs for our class to watch a movie. At least when it's projected on water, while the image is less pristine, it creates certain effects that can be used within the show and illusions of being more special. This is like a floating sports bar with 8 (2 per barge) massive displays. Using a "World of Color" type platform, IMHO, creates a more versatile delivery system and increases the feeling of "magic" as the show just happens out of thin "water".

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