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Trip Report Pixiedust & Wanderlust - Solo Trip - August '19 *COMPLETED*


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After a very fullfilling breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, muffin and coffee, I waited for the DHS bus. I'd like to note that the bus service at Pop is very efficient, never waited more than 10mins. for a bus. Cool!

I'm ready to enjoy my first full park day!

I always try to take it all in and felt very happy walking on Hollywood Blvd. Got myself a Millenial Pink magic band for our December trip.

I didn't get a FP for RnRC, I took advantage of the single rider line, and after a 15min wait, I was speeding on a stretch limo!

Crazy fun with a healthy dose of adrenaline!, I quickly took a couple of pictures of the screen at the exit.

This is the first one:

On the second one, there was a reflex that made it look like the terrified dude behind me has a beer in his hand! Why do I notice these things?! 😆

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It was around 1:30pm.
I'd booked my AP GE's preview from 3 to 7pm.

The fact that I was going to be able to visit Batuu was not planned or expected. I owe it all to these forums, the DHS GE Notification thread made it possible, so again, thank you @wdwmagic !

FP for Star Tours was next, just before entering Galaxy's Edge. This I planned, I felt that it'd put me in the right mood and get me even more excited and pumped up. I was!

At 2:30 pm, I approached the gates to see if I'd be allowed inside a bit earlier. The CM's were being very thorough checking for the required AP, ID and printed confirmation email.20190820_204024.jpg

I was allowed, I'm going in!

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Before I begin sharing my experience and some photos of my visit to Galaxy's Edge, I'd like to share this with you:

I am a Star Wars fan.
More specifically, of the Original Trilogy.

I watched the prequels but didn't love them and haven't been interested in the more recent movies.

I'm well acquainted with the OT, the planets, ships and characters. I even know the names of many obscure and less-known creatures, aliens, etc. Yep, I guess I used to be a SW geek back then! 🤓
A while ago, Frank and I were founding members of our country's first Star Wars Club. Frank knows a loooot more than me about the whole saga.

Threre was a time when we collected SW figures and memorabilia. Me?, I collected everything Chewbacca, my favorite character! We have kept most of our collections inside marked plastic boxes here at home (we might have to reconsider this in the near future, when retirement comes and we decide to downsize 😄).

So this is where I'm coming from as a Star Wars fan.


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As soon as I entered the tunnel, I was greeted "bright suns!" and given a map of the land. I asked the smiling CM for another one to show Frank and keep as a souvenir.
I liked that it was made specifically for these previews.

On the back, this:

Maps in hand, I paused for a few seconds, thought of Frank, smiled, and actually muttered: "I wish you were here..." (in Spanish) 😊
He was very happy for me being able to attend this event, told me to take it all in, and asked for many pictures.


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Soon after taking a few steps, I began to see all that this land has to offer. The scale of the buildings is impressive, the ships look like they could take-off at any second! Wow!


Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder!

As I continued to explore at a slow pace, I found Rey standing in front of an X-Wing. Look at her stance, uncanny resemblance, imo.



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My eyes were huge, trying to capture everything around me, but I soon remembered that I'd planned to look for MF Smugglers Run and try to ride it early on. So after checking the map, I started walking towards it.

This was my first glimpse of the iconic Millenium Falcon o_O
To see it for the first time is a dream come true for any SW fan, I was amazed at how impressive it is. And when Stormtroopers appeared patrolling the area near the ship, it was quite a sight.


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The standby wait time was at 30mins. Upon entering the queue, saw Rey doing the walkaround pre-flight check of our ship.

A few pictures from inside the queue:
Views looking out from windows:

And then, a big space where Hondo Ohnaka explained about our mission. I've heard about him, but honestly, I don't know anything about this character. The movements of this animatronic are smooth and realistic but I remember not liking his voice, I think that it doesn't match his appearance somehow (?).

Next, the pre-boarding area. Confusing. We were given cards with our assigned positions, but there was not a line, just a bunch of people scattered inside a big room. This room is well themed and I was excited to see the Dejarik board game that Chewie likes to play. I asked a nice person to take a picture for me.

I realized that we were being called by our positions, so when they called for "pilots" (me), I joined the rest of the flight crew.

We were taken inside the cockpit, I loved being seated in front, on the left side. My co-pilot was a friendly middle aged man. We both did the best that we could, considering that at times, you have to choose between pushing buttons and maneuvering the throttle or enjoying the views. I liked that it felt like we were really flying the ship. It moved a lot and the sounds just add to the fun.
Friendly guy and I, high-fived at the end of our mission. Fun!


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It was time for some food. I wanted to check Docking Bay 7, long line! and after looking at the menu, nothing from it appealed to me at that time.
Ronto Roasters here I come.
There are only two entrees to choose from, one of them caught my eye. I ordered a Ronto Wrap and a Sour Sarlacc beverage.
While waiting for my order, I noticed that there weren't any tables available, everything was taken. On my way in, saw a few outdoor tables, maybe I'll get one. Would've preferred to eat with some a/c because it was very hot and humid.
Got my order and it looked good, but be warned, no plate, just a piece of paper, so trying to hold the wrap and a beverage with no table to go to, was a bit like juggling. There were no outdoor tables available either. 😑

I finally found a few "cargo boxes" outside to sit on under some shade.
I liked this. Better than expected, savory and spicy. The sauce makes it a bit difficult to eat without a plate, it drips every time you take a bite.
It's a "Not on a First Date" dish, if you know what I mean! 🤤

I'll definitely get another Sour Sarlacc next time we visit, I really liked it.
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I continued exploring. Went to check the Oga's Cantina situation. In my rush and nervousness in booking my AP Preview, I didn't notice the option to make a reservation. The line was long, maybe next time.
Milk Stand
Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities
Is this Dok-Ondar?
This creature moves and moans while keeping a close eye on paperwork and money, so my guess is that he's the store's owner 😁
I liked everything there was to see inside this shop, the walls are covered with all kinds of SW oddities that I recognized from the OT.
Found myself peeking inside Savi's and Droid Depot.

R2-D2. Everybody wanted a picture with him, so taking this picture wasn't easy!

At this point I began to worry. All that Frank wanted me to get for him from this trip was a Galaxy's Edge Opening Year t-shirt. I'd looked everywhere and apparently, they were selling out fast, to make matters worse, the few that I saw were not his Medium size!

It was time to check inside The Market, maybe I'll have better luck in there.


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Let me digress just a bit.

When I finally sat down to enjoy my wrap and drink, I started to feel a burning nagging pain under my left foot, I had walked a lot so I didn't pay too much attention to it. But when I started walking towards The Market it began to hurt a tad more. I was wearing a new pair of walking sandals and had tried to break them in back home. The thing is that I don't walk as much as I do at the parks, add to that how hot and sweaty I was.
I wasn't ready to let this ruin my day at Galaxy's Edge, so I continued with my explorations and quest for Frank's t-shirt.

The 4 shops at The Market are open-air style, colorful and resemble the ones at a Moroccan market. I soon noticed one, Black Spire Outfitters, that had a few t-shirts on display.


There were only 2 Mediums, so I grabbed one immediately. I also got one for me with a different design so that we can both wear them next December. I also got him a nice sturdy keychain.

He must have liked this too, because as soon as he got it, he started using it! 😊


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Feeling relieved and clutching my finds, I went looking for "someone" I wanted to see...

Dianoga. I know, geeky. 🤓

I've learned that he/it could be seen appearing near the Market's restrooms' drinking fountain, inside a tube just above it. The backstory is that this creature lives inside the land's plumbing and emerges from time to time.

I guess not many know about this feature. When people saw me waiting with my phone directed towards the drinking fountain, a small crowd gathered, curious to see what what's going on. 😄

Then some gurgling sounds and bubbles inside one of the tubes... there it is!


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At some point I saw what I think is the Rise of the Resistance entrance (try saying that 3 times! 😜) opening next December.

Then I remembered MFSR having a single rider line so I went back for another round.
Waited around 20mins, I was assigned Engineer.

I was so glad to have been assigned Pilot on my first ride. Second time was definitely less enjoyable than the first, pilots were a woman who was screaming her lungs out and a teenager who screamed and cursed the whole time.

As you'd expect, the views and experience are somewhat less thrilling if you're not Pilot, imo.

Time for me to leave Batuu.

I didn't think I was going to spend almost 4 hours in there, but I did. I had a great time! There were quite a few elements I didn't recognize but all and all, you dont have to know it all about the SW Universe to enjoy yourself at GE.

I took so many pictures at GE! But I figure, you've seen plenty around at this point.

Until next time Star Wars Galaxy's Edge!

Bright Suns!
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