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Trip Report Pixiedust & Wanderlust - Solo Trip - August '19 *COMPLETED*


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I'm glad I'm not the only one not good at taking notes... I'll have to be very diligent this upcoming trip!

Can't wait to read all about yours!
You're not alone!
So much happens on a WDW trip. I wish I could remember all the little details. Thank you for reading!


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Departure Day:

Frank was in Miami for training and I had to leave our house all closed for 3 days. My main concern was leaving my pet turtle behind, and trusting that JC will visit and feed her while we were gone! We've had Domenica for about 18 years! (would you believe that to this day we don't know if it's a She or He!?)
This is what she/he looks like:
View attachment 405851

I was very lucky to get a good rate on my airline tickets, mine was an international flight with one stop in Miami. I thought I was ready with my plans of taking a taxi to take me to the airport at 3:30 am but...

When I called, a very snappy girl told me they had no cars at that time! 😨 And with no Uber installed on my phone and no time to waist learning how to use it, there I was, nervous and flustered!

I finally decided on calling my dad. He lives about 2 blocks from our house. Poor dad, I woke him up and he showed up in his pajamas! Phew! He saved the day!

Got to the airport very early, so much so, that all the businesses were still closed and I desperately needed coffee!

This is what my boarding gate looked like at that unholy time:
View attachment 405850
Good job dad!!


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Departure/WDW Arrival!

The shops opened and I was able to get an espresso, oh, I needed it!
Thankfully my flight took-off on time, and in about 2 1/2 hours, I was in Miami. Grabbed a Nathan's hot dog and went to my gate.
This is looking good:

Well...not so fast.
Apparently, it had rained very hard in Miami and all flights were delayed, so after boarding, we waited for close to 2 hours for take-off.

But finally we did, and after about 50mins, I'm waiting for my bag at Orlando Int. Airport:
Got my luggage very quickly and headed to Magical Express. My heart was pounding excitedly at these sights!:

I finally made it to Orlando, so happy!!!


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While I was waiting to get on the bus and texting the "boys" back home, I got the message of my room being ready, thank goodness!, I couldn't wait to get out of my jeans, specially after taking a step outside and realizing how HOT 🔥 it was! Now, you have to know that I was coming from a 70°s, low humidity weather.

After a brief stop at Art of Animation, we finally arrived at Pop. I wanted to stop by the front desk to make sure that everything was in order with my reservation and Magic Band. I also wanted to know if my requests for location and 1st Floor were granted. I had requested lake view, 60's building. I got that and a 2nd floor room, great!

I also stopped by the shop/dining hall to get my refillable mug. As soon as I entered, I was immediately sorrounded by the electricity of the place. One thing was clear, I was not going to feel lonely in there! (or near the main pool, for that matter!).

As soon as I walked towards my room, I felt very happy about it's location, it was very serene.




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I'm Here! What Next?

As soon as I entered my room, I did as I always do, with the door still open, check that nobody's hiding in the bathroom or under the bed! 🕵️‍♀️ Don't laugh at me, remember I'm there by myself! 😄
After making sure that everything (tv, lights, running water) was in working order, I took a selfie:
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