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New Tomorrowland Rock Paint Job


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The movie was visually interesting but the story was, um, what was it about? I have no clue.
I liked the movie, but it left me wanting more. Seems like they could have done more with it. I don't know what, but that's me. I like the fact that they left some things real in the movie as well. One example is the construction equipment on the launch pads at the start of the movie were from Beyel Bros Cranes and Rigging. That is a real crane company based in cocoa and Orlando, thought that was pretty cool that they didn't plaster over the company name with some fake name, or nothing at all.
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WDWs TL is certainly messy, and at its less cohesive than ever stage at the mo, but DL needs more help. And will get it too before Orlando gets anything major.

Aside from a certain inhabitant perhaps being evicted.
Please don't toy with me like that...


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I like the current look of tomorrowland at WDW. Blue is what humans generally percieve as the most futursitic color, often coupled with white. Tomorrowland is mostly blue and white. I don't think it looks dated, rather, it's aged quite well. It clearly says "future" and feels that way too. It may not be fully representative of our most recent visions, but at least it doesn't try to be. Therefore, it avoids the Future World problem of being an un-aesthetically pleasing mix of multiple styles from multiple decades.

Onto the rocks... they never bothered me. I just saw the big ones at the gateway as a transition to the future, or sort of the boundary of the futuristic area. This change tries to make them a part of tomorrowland by distiguising it from natural, present-day rock. So, more than anything, it changes my view of them.

Hopefully the final product will look nice. Though I'm with most that a return to the original gateway would've been best.
I've always thought the rocks reminded me of a distant planet or world...similar to how the planet sets are setup inside of Space Mountain and when you ride the PeopleMover. And somehow I connect a distant planet or world to the future because it's not something we've seen with our own eyes. We've sent rovers to Mars which show rocks (very similar to Tomorrowland), but we haven't gone there as humans...so to me it's still a "tomorrow" thing to do.


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Lol, I think the rocks look nice but they don't belong in Tomorrowland
I've always thought the rocks look weird sitting outside the entrance to Tomorrowland. Of course I thought Tomorrowland was out of date for a very long time now. That's just my opinion and I understand people disagree with that. That's okay, but I just feel that there will never be a way to make Tomorrowland look futuristic for real. They should make Tomorrowland look more like a Tomorrowland of the fifties or sixties in my opinion. I like the idea of Steampunk but I don't think it would work too well. I just think it should be a lot of blues and whites and more in line with what you would have seen in the old World's Fair version of tomorrow.


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@marni1971 not to derail the thread too much, but were one of the occupants to be evicted (I assume Stitch or Monsters, Inc.), would they be immediately replaced? If so, would it be a gut and restart or an overlay of the existing infrastructure, and would it be an immediate replacement (a la Maelstrom)? Or would the building sit empty for the time being?


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I almost blame it on Disneyland Paris. When Tomorrowland needed to be renovated into something new, they decided to take after Disneyland Paris's design of Discoveryland:

Ok. I agree. Tomorrowland has recovered a bit from it's copper and gold design. Space Mountain got back to it's white color, and most of the buildings have been repainted. It's not great, but it's better than 1998.

Oh ho ho! This could be the first step in redesigning Tomorrowland. A blue and white paint job in 2016 on the old copper and gold Autopia structure. Very futuristic. This I believe could be the new theme to this land in the future. We have hope!
I have a slight soft spot for Tomorrowland 98', but I'm glad they have been moving away little by little over the years now. The first reason is purely personal-I took my Wife to "New New Tomorrowland" the day after it opened on our first date, we got married 5 years later and have been married for 13 years now. At the time it was mildly successful... Tomorrowland 67 had become out of style/step with the public consciousness (mass audience mid-century modern appreciation was still about 6-7 years away). The "edible" landscaping and all the bronzes went over fairly well in a late 90's sort of way, all of the faux-finishes and fake copper patina were the rage in the 90's. I think they underestimated how powerful 50th anniversary nostalgia would be, and that was what started the push away from the steampunk overlay. Thankfully the appreciation for mid-century/googie/jetsons architecture and Disneyland nostalgia increased so that now the bones of the land look good in a quaint retro sort of way. And because the budget was slashed they weren't remuddled away like they were at Disney World (With it's clash between Flash Gordon and 2001 a Space Odyssey) so many of the changes were just paint. Little by little it's being restored in a retro-mid-century way. Once Star Wars moves out of there...they may have greater incentive to really tackle the land. Now if they could just get the soon to be removed Tokyo StarJets and restore that element it would be awesome!

I'm hoping the Peoplemover stays up there not because they just don't want to tear it down but because they hope/dream they can some how salvage/restore it someday. They did it to the subs(imagine if they had scrapped them and filled in the lagoon...by leaving it there mothballed they were able to restore it)...perhaps they hope with the Peoplemover, I realize its just the track, and the cars are long gone.


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Marni just broke the news Stitch is leaving! And you are the second person in Disney fandom to know, me I made a podium place at three. ^_^

Well possibly. And not that I don't fully count on Disney to come up with a replacement even less fitting, but without the redeeming quality of being an actual fun character.
I heard from one of the bus drivers that it was going to become Squeak's Great Escape. :rolleyes:


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As for DL TL ...if they could just get Tokyo's soon to be removed Star Jets and have Aughra retrieve her Orbitron we'd be on our way!


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@marni1971 not to derail the thread too much, but were one of the occupants to be evicted (I assume Stitch or Monsters, Inc.), would they be immediately replaced? If so, would it be a gut and restart or an overlay of the existing infrastructure, and would it be an immediate replacement (a la Maelstrom)? Or would the building sit empty for the time being?
There are plans for it not to stand empty.


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I'm going to voice the apparently un-popular opinion that I like the rock paint job. I think it's pretty/slightly futuristic. The rocks always looked a little too Frontierland in Tomorrowland for my taste.
I was just writing a post along the same thoughts. I always wondered why there were desert-looking rocks in TL.
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