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News New Theater to be built at the Magic Kingdom - now cancelled?


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For what it’s worth, the story I heard 48 hours ago (when I found out about the MSUSA theater cancellation) wasn’t a Moana theatre. I heard a different option for MK. But there are also options elsewhere. I believe the actual choice has been made though.
What did you think of the option for MK?
And have you any idea how long ago they made the decision? If I've read things correctly it seems this news "broke" sometime this week perhaps. So I'm wondering how long they have taken to reach this decision to cancel the Theatre and go with something else. Just how "considered" and thought out is the new option I wonder.


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For what it’s worth, the story I heard 48 hours ago (when I found out about the MSUSA theater cancellation) wasn’t a Moana theatre. I heard a different option for MK. But there are also options elsewhere. I believe the actual choice has been made though.
@marni1971 Are you happy with the new choice they have gone with?
Good or bad?


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...and a theoretical capacity around 880 pph (someone correct me if I did my math wrong)... wouldn't be the worst capacity ride at MK (similar capacity to Peter Pan, Buzz, and Winnie the Pooh), but would be BY FAR the worst capacity of the major coasters...
Theorical capacity for Raging Spirits is around 1600 guests per hour at Tokyo DisneySea and the same at Disneyland Paris for the Intamin version, even though they both run and are constructed in a different way.

Temple du Peril is the Intamin interpretation of a Pinfari (budget Italian ride manufacturer that closed 14-15 years ago in the great ride manufacturer bankrupcy wave) looping coaster, but modified to make it smoother, sturdier and with higher capacity. After 6 years of loyal service, they shut down Temple du Peril in early 2000 and changed some track sections and the trains. They went from 8 passenger cars to 12 passengers cars and can run six trains at once. Operation is the following: two trains load and unload at once and they are dispatched at the same time. The ride ran backward from 2000 to 2004 and the new trains were flipped forward in 2004 as the ride was too intense and not too popular in its backward shape. Around 2012, the ride was closed for another refurb where the temple was made permanent and the loop changed to a new Vekoma designed vertical loop. The ride is now considered a "permanent attraction" at the park and removal for an EMV or larger Indiana Jones coaster is not a possibility anymore.

Raging Spirits again take the same basic layout, but smoothes it even more and when the ride opened in 2005, it was quite rough and violent still. Compared to Paris, the layout was flipped 180 degrees: in Paris, the train drops into the loop in front of the path and entrance. In Tokyo, the high post lift turn and last turn are near the midway. Sansei-Yusoki, maker of many Tokyo Disney attractions and other ride systems such as Roaring Rapids at Shanghai Disneyland, Toy Story Mania!, Monsters Inc, Ride & Go Seek and the post WDW Buzz Lightyear attractions was selected to make Raging Spirits. Amazingly, the ride budget was a reasonable for Disney 60 million dollars USD in 2005 and what they got was a great attraction to add capacity to the park. During a 2006 refurbishment, they added magnetic brakes to two of the brake zones to make the following turns more manageable and added those huge soft cushions to the shoulder restraints.

Operationally, the waiting line starts to the right of the last turn and goes around the ride, going near the drop into the loop before arriving at the station. There, it runs like Everest: one load position, one unload position. Sansei also improved reliability by adding pusher tires to the speed reducing brakes at the end, which still cause issues in Paris when a train stops there. The minimum height restriction was dropped down a LOT at Raging Spirits: the new Sansei restraints allow guests from 44 to 76.5 inches tall to ride while in Paris, the minimum height restriction is an insane 55 inches!

As for a complete history of the Temple du Peril, no need to write a new one as I wrote it already for both attractions...


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This thread cracks me up...but it'll be more fun when Disney announce the space will revert to cast member parking. :p
Probably a good shout. I'd say they've probably realised they haven't allocated enough money (even though they have bundles) to follow through on all of what was promised at D23. Hopefully I'm wrong and they do something fitting with the space.


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How long is "a little" in Disney terms? Does this mean one of the already announced rides will use it, or is it proposed to use it for something new for after the 50th?

Maybe should have quoted the previous post - this is in relation to the FoP technology.
It’s nothing announced yet. It might not happen. One has more of a chance than the other I think.


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Yea that's just the thing... disney has so much cash they are sitting on. They are going to be creating more problems by not investing by expanding park capacity asap. Rides and a few shows are needed so badly. If we think MK is already bursting at the seams just wait when Star Wars opens... it will be a big hot mess.

Remember when nobody was excited for Pandora???? Remember when Pandora rides were under 3 hours ever... like ever? The thirst for new is real, give the people what they want Bob! Please and thank you!


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I know it's all speculation at this point, but a looping coaster instead of a broadway style theater which can be enjoyed by people of all ages? Stop trying to compete with your thrill ride neighbors to the north. :mad:
Umm raging spirits is not something Disney would compete with.


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It did seem to be an odd back area to put a theater and interfere with the existing park infrastructure back there (I used to park there when I was a contractor)


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That's also assuming that they are eager to spend the money in the first place...

In case you're new to the game out there..."budget" means absolutely nothing in this context. Budget gets the kids hopes up.

What was the announced "budget" for fantasyland? What did they spend?

Same with toy story.

Buyer: beware.
Unless we are talking about a magical bracelet...
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