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News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot


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Anyone from the UK able to get the tile finder to work? The website redirects me to the UK WDW site and then the page doesn't exist :(


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Does anyone know if rows are top to bottom, or bottom to top? Looks like our two tiles got split into two adjacent rows which stinks (is our picture, the other our anniversary).


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Not 100% on what you are asking, but the rows start at 1 on the floor.

Example: 050-34-02

Column 050
Row 34
Tile 2

Perfect - Thanks! Ours are in rows ten and eleven, so at least we should be able to see it. Didn’t know if 10 was around a foot off the ground or around nine feet off the ground (bottom to top v top to bottom).

I suppose that ours are split also answers my question about whether they’re new prints; they were adjacent on the same panel before.


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Lots more up today


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