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News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot


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Not to be a debbie-downer, but I think it just looks like a construction wall. It's just too tall. Plus, folks are going to have a hard time identifying their pictures if their tile was placed in the top third of the wall, let alone read any text if they went that route.

And it seems they're planning to use that multi-color stripe motif for the foreseeable future since they've incorporated it into this permanent display, which is fine I guess.

It's still better than having the brown tombstones cluttering up the entrance plaza, but I'd be lying if I thought this was a great solution.
The thing is, these are doubling as security fencing. I do agree they are too tall but it's still better then the tomb stones or the usual green security fencing we usually see.

Lands of Wonder

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are they going to start putting new faces up now or not. I’d really like to put my grandparents on there, they got me into Epcot and loved it themselves. That was the one day they hogged me from my parents.

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