Rumor New nighttime show at Epcot


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It is not 30+ years old. The current show started in 1999. Also I strongly disagree with the argument that something must be replaced simply because it is old. I am not against upgrading technology to make it better but if the show is timeless like I believe ROE is, it should stay indefinitely
I agree. Do we need to replace Haunted Mansion and Pirates because they are old? Cinderella Castle? Of course not. Firework shows /nighttime spectaculars are E-tickets now as well. New shows at the very least need to fill the void of the old, and typically that is to be the thematic thesis attraction of the park. Epcot has spaceship earth, american adventure, illuminations. Disneyland has Remember... Dreams Come True. Strong parks need strong shows that serve those parks. I doubt they will mess with that formula but I wouldn't be surprised if they think that Pixar characters can teach us about world peace indirectly by teaching us about friendship.

Sorry, I realize I'm commenting now on posts from LAST February!
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After seeing the drone spectacle at the Olympic opening ceremony, if they can pull that sort of thing off, I don't have too many worries about adding them to a show. And Illuminations has always been thought of as a show "in the round".
The show at the Olympics didn't seem to really be any advancement over what we saw at Disney Springs. Still just a series of LEDs in the sky.

And with Intel pushing the shooting star drone to every outdoor venue, they are going to become the next fad like projections.

If Disney can get the Flixel display payload working well, then it might be something more.


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About time. Illuminations has long been our least favourite fireworks show.
Ours as well. Frankly, all I see when I look at the globe is changing colors of blue and green. (I know my eyesight is not great but it's not terrible. I have Never understood what they are trying to convey here. Be glad to see it go!


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Last I heard it’s a year or more away. The dates jumped from 19 to 21 to 20.

Marni, selfishly, could you do some digging with your sources to follow up on this new development to the rumor? I’d be devastated if I couldn’t see Illuminations one last time before it’s retired. And seeing as I have to plan a flight from CT to see it one last time, I’m kind of relying on advanced notice. If Disney announces a change in the next few months, I’ll miss it.

I’ve always had an emotional attachment to Illuminations, and it’s my favorite thing to do in WDW. I know it sounds silly but it means a lot to me!


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So as many of you have heard, many upcoming big plans are in the works for the future of the park, from name change to new attractions, that of course, comes with the replacement of illuminations. Now, this nighttime show is supposed to be better and bigger than illuminations, can't go to specifics but it's still being fully designed as we speak, and the change for new show isn't as far as you might think. ;)

It hasn't changed very much in 30 years, easily the weakest nighttime show in wdw proper.

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