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  • I don't think Disney can ever top the BC pool. I especially like the sand bottom, I wish more pools would use that!

    Until last trip, it was a bit of a tradition for us to head to Spoodles the night that we checked in to the Beach Club, and then walk around the area. We haven't been back to check the Kouzzina place.
    Being from NJ, I've really wanted to stay at the Boardwalk as well. The whole atmosphere is great, though- from the boardwalk promenade to the International Gateway gardens area (my personal favorite) to a scenic stroll around the lagoon.

    Fun fact: Our family's yearly vacation spot in Stone Harbor, NJ shares the name of the concierge at the Beach Club, which is known as the "Stone Harbor Club".
    Hey there- Huge fan of your avatar and user title. The Beach Club is my favorite resort, and I'd stay there every visit if I could. I actually have a picture identical to the one in your avatar, though it's considerably more cloudy (we were there in '04 and then in '08 with the tropical storm).
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