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Rumor New Monorails Coming Soon?


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BlogMickey replied to someone who thought it was real and confirmed that it was fake... It was probably just a picture of the carpet (not source) from the internet printed out.... It looks extremely real though....
Where are you seeing that? I looked at every single one of their replies and didn’t see them say that.

Edit: Nevermind I see your edit now.


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Well no but the way they want to go about this would mean they can’t just go one train at a time.
So some serious down time then? If they can't do them one at a time, then does the whole system need to go dow until the new trains are in?


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This will be very interesting to see how they manage the change over. I don’t know the details of current system but I’m assuming they could shut down one line at a time. Which would still mean removing, installing new trains and changing the system (power/automation) over and testing before bringing it back online. I would assume that’s some serious down time for each line but I’m happy to see change coming sooner than expected


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Go with the first part.
Hmm...but how does that impact the timeline? They'll need more time to build enough monorails to replace enough existing capacity, which could mean we'll be getting them much later than if they replaced each of them as another was completed.

Or, are you suggesting they'll build them faster in order to limit the automation downtime?
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