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Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed


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Yeah, RotR seems like it will be awesome because of the scenery, effects, scale, etc. as opposed to the vehicle motion. Which IMHO is perfect -- Star Wars deserves a ride with less physical thrill and with huge spectacle and immersiveness. I'm really curious as to how long the ride will be given the very large show building, the fact that there will be two levels and with the fact that the vehicles probably won't be super fast moving (i.e. not a roller coaster zipping all around).
That will have to be some pretty amazing scenery, effects, and scale to get rated that high. The best rides combine both like ToT or EE.


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I guess I should have said that it is obviously not built as a thrill ride.

Do you know why they think it will be such a highly rated ride?
Not all E tickets are fast moving thrill rides. FoP certainly isn't a thrill ride but it's the most popular ride in WDW at the moment. All the insiders here who have seen the ride concepts seem more excited about RotR than MFSR.

Zootopia Dude

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So... They said fall 2019 for this, and late fall 2019 for SW:GE...

Do we have any idea of when in Fall? I could see them going for November 16th for Mickey's 91st birthday.


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Blog Mickey posted pictures that show construction walls down at the exit and...it looks the same as before (for the most part)!
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