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Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed


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lol. I'm just trying to be dramatic. Like all the other nutballs on here that veruca salt everything (I want it NOW)...

I wish it was going to be open because I'm really interested in the tech they're using on it. Plus I wasn't a big fan of GMR (gasp).
We'll be heading back down there at the end of 2019 though, so we'll see it then anyway. Just looking for something new to do besides slinky dog and the saucers.
You’ll have that Cars show thing. That’s about it.


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Finally got a chance to watch some of the new Mickey shorts, honestly they're pretty great, not sure why I had so many grievances upon the fact that they were using the new character designs for the ride. Should be interesting to see what they cook up.
In particular, I'm curious to see what the animatronic Mickey and Minnie look like and how they will envision the characters in three dimensions instead of the 2D we've seen them in the shorts.

Marc Davis Fan

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It remains to be seen whether the design/effects of the animatronics is part of the “2 1/2 D” thing.

Also, it’a noteworthy that @lentesta/TouringPlans lists it as a “major attraction” (third tier, behind “headliner” and “super headliner”). I wonder if that’s an error, or just them being conservative with their predictions?
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