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Marvel coming to WDW?!?!


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I seriously hate to feel this way as someone who fell in love with WDW back in 1991 and has spent thousands of dollars there over the years...but if this rumor actually comes to fruition it would make me sick and kind of completely change my perception of the company. I implore Disney to not even entertain messing with one of the greatest attractions/themes they have ever created.


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In Orlando, it is. It's Orlando's finale to Hollywood Boulevard. In Anaheim, ToT resides in an area with a bit of an identity crisis and that is rumored to become a Marvel Land. I agree with you, yet I can kind of see how the ball got rolling there. Replicating the change in Orlando is unjustifiable insanity.
That's a fair point. It may make some sense in CA as long as they leave the one in FL alone;)


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Carsland was 3 years from ground breaking to grand opening. Avatar Land seems to be on track for a similar time period assuming it opens in 2017. Given that the concept art for SWL has similar large scale rock work it is probably safe to assume around 3 years for construction. If they break ground soon it should be open some time in 2019. 2020 if there are unforeseen delays. 2018 doesn't seem at all likely based on recent history but they could fast track it I guess.
18 months to reskin a meet n' greet tent.

Never forget


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So Iet me say I love the old Hollywood vibe of Sunset and I find it the most endearing part of DHS. And I think this is a horrible idea, but...

Are we sure TDO is being short sighted? Is there any chance they want to reskin this ride because they know that eventually they will rip out sunset and turn it into a marvel themed area when they eventually buy the theme park rights from Universal in full? I know, I know- I have read the arguments and I don't even want to open that can of worms, but could it be they have a larger plan then we are not privy to at this moment? To redo ToT and not touch the rest of the land makes zero sense. It would ruin a great ride and make the entire area of sunset make no sense. But what if it was the start of an entire transformation? What if the big picture is a new DHS with Star Wars, Marvel, Toy Story, and maybe Indy. Yes if that was the plan, Toy Story
makes little sense from a cohesive standpoint, but maybe that's why things are moving so slowly?

Again I am not advocating for this but rather playing devils advocate. A park dedicated to Star Wars and Marvel would be stellar! Put it alongside MK, a new rebranded AK, and the odd mess that is Epcot and it would be quite the scenario.

Is there any info, from insiders, that would suggest this could be the case? I am not hoping for this (well okay I would love for them to have full rights to their IP) but I am just trying to figure out if any of this makes sense from a bigger picture standpoint.

PS- I am not trying to start trouble, I know what the contract states, I understand all of that fully and the expense associated with what I am suggesting. No need for attacks, please :)


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He lives in his own deluded world. He even believes the cuts that have been rampant at WDW over the last month and half are just figments of our imagination.

I never have said the cuts where a figment of our imagination. What I have said is all business go though up and down cycles when hiring employees. The hire like mad and add hours and sooner or later there is what can be perceived as a labor surpluses. Then the labor budgets gets to high and they cut back where they can and soon cut back to far. Than the they start adding hours and the hiring starts over again.
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The concept for the new Studios seems to be immersive lands. There is no possible Marvel Land, so the best bet for Sunset (short of another IP based land) are two immersive rides, well themed, creating their own miniature land. Tower of Terror as is accomplishes that. A re-themed RnRc is cheaper and more easily themed to something like "Knowere" or a space port and still lets the penny pinchers claim they're opening a fabulous new E-Ticket. This makes zero sense from any perspective, whether or not you want a GotG ride. Hopefully we're saved by their desire to save a buck whenever they don't have to spend it.


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Some time ago -- I don't remember who posted it -- someone took on the question of what properties from Marvel that Disney could use at WDW, on the premise that use at Uni would preclude an attraction appearance at WDW. They posted a photo of a mural from Uni with the overwhelming majority of the characters in Marvel's canon (it's also available as a poster at Michael's/K-mart/Wherever). Strange definitely was in that cohort.

I'm not sure how valid the mural would be for Universal to mark its territory, but then again, making the minimum effort necessary to keep their character licensing options open makes a lot of sense with WDW just down I-4.

I think it would take more then the inclusion on the mural. The contract says that it has to be more then "incidental" use.


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For California's tower... I could see this happening. With reports of imagineering being over there for the past two weeks... Something is happening.

However, for Florida, there hasn't been that presence and didn't they just announce a new tower of terror movie not too long ago?

For Floridas tower of terror to be redesigned into anything it already isn't would cost a fortune. The design of it is so extreme in every way and was so expensive the first go around, it would be cheaper to build a new attraction. HOWEVER, I wouldn't be surprised, if like someone said above, it got a temporary overlay similar to how they changed a few things for summer nightastic.


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WDI is VERY proud of this ride. I don't think they're In the Mood to put a half-assed overlay over one of the greatest rides ever conceived.

I could see them make some changes in DCA. I think it's insane to consider doing it in Orlando.
I'm just repeating myself but..it just doesn't make sense in Florida. There's already SO much going on at Studios, why would they want to close one of the most popular attraction in the park for an extended amount of time? This wouldn't hurt DCA as much as DHS. Of course, that's just my incredibly biased opinion. And wishful thinking.


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The writing on the wall is in Spirit's post- Rock n Roller Coaster is next.

The planned/rumored Captain America (formerly Iron Man) coaster in DCA will go behind the ToT. What's nearby ToT in Orlando? RnRC. It won't be themed with the the Cap's iconic shield without an expensive deal with Universal, but it does seem that this layout would pretty closely mirror the other coast. Which is what Disney likes now, apparently.

Hollywood Studios will get its west-coast equivalent of DCA's Marvel Land, with two e-tickets, without building a single new ride.
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Perhaps there is a silver lining to this: DCA could finally get an updated drop sequence. When DCA's TOT opened in 2004, they copied an earlier version (#2, I think) of the drop sequence from WDW, despite WDW already being on the 4th iteration of the ride (the current profile, with 'randomized' drops). 12 years later, they still have the same predictable sequence plodding along. DLP and TDS also use this same sequence

The intent was to let DCA's version run for a few years, and then "upgrade" to the newer drop sequences as a way to add a "new" attraction with minimal investment. This would be similar to the campaigns that WDW launched surrounding its upgrades, except that WDW wasn't intentionally holding something back; they continued to improve their attraction as they learned more about what guests liked. Through the years, these pre-programmed improvements have quietly disappeared (like the seasonal/holiday games developed during TSMM's initial build), even though they would presumably be very popular with DLR's local audience that clamors for any minor change

@WDW1974 , do you know if this would be part of the DCA concept? Is there even anybody left in WDI who remembers the plan to implement the upgrades?

Of course, the updated drop sequence would be minor consolation for such a terrible redo of a modern classic. It really is the only potential positive that I can think of with this concept that only an executive could love

Cesar R M

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I'm not sure I understand the "this is cheap" argument, considering this is Disney spending money they don't need to be spending. That's the opposite of cheap. I absolutely agree that this is a terrible idea, but the "cheap" option would actually be the correct one in this case. Namely, leave Tower alone.
not at all.
Unless their statistics shows that DHS is actually trending downwards in tickethits now. A downturn that not even the fake star wars ads and Frozen can stabilize.
So they need to get something "pronto" to the parks to claim "something new here!" as Kong opens?

Or, unless disney is forced to add Marvel quick before the lawyers from Universal find a loophole to snatch Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

Cesar R M

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How on Earth does an idea this awful manage to get one vote in favour of it, let alone 7%?!

What is wrong with these people?!
trolls or "stop disliking what I do like" folks ?

Kinda like this:

Cesar R M

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You keep putting out the 2020 date for Star Wars Land. Have you heard actual dates or is this just Disney bashing. I have heard that maybe 2018 and for sure 2019.
The dates mentioned in the forum were 2018 for DISNEYLANDS's and 2020 for WDW's a few times already.

Ok so setting aside for a minute how totally disgusting this idea is. Does anyone have any plausible ideas on how TOT at DHS could possibly be re-themed to GOTG? I mean I can usually concoct some crazy ideas (especially as I absolutely LOVED GOTG) but I just can't fathom anything from GOTG fitting into TOT. Unless we are talking a complete exterior redesign and complete overhaul of the ride system too, I mean you are better off at that point building a whole new attraction.
The only part that I think would fit.. is the escape from the prison scene.
You end boarding the security tower in the middle, right before rocket stops the gravity and makes the tower fly.

Only other scene would be the final one.
Where they fight against RONAN (When his ship falls and crashlands for the final scene)

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