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  • Hi, You mentioned going to DLR this summer. I will be there for a few days around June 30. If you are out here then, I'd love to possibly meet over coffee, or cocktails. (we are always found at Trader Sam's after the parks close.)
    Would love to meet sometime, but not going to be around at that time.
    I share your hatred of Iger and I agree with everything you say. Eisner did a lot more for the company in my opinion. I think that you are onto something, no matter how many trolls pursue you. You are the main reason that I keep reading (and occasionally comment on) this forum. Good luck and mazeltov!
    When are you visiting DL again? I haven't seen you in a very long time. We can go to Mrs. Knott's chicken dinner house if that is more incentive than the news shows we are getting :)
    Sorry to hear about your loss. While I have never met you I do feel like I know you and you are a friend. Keep moving forward and others are always here to support, encourage, needle, and prod.

    ps: what type of motorcycles? I have a BSA 71 lightning and had a sweet 68 BSA Lightning and as a kid played on a 1916 Henderson with sidecar in dad's basement.
    Hey bud, I am in the islands loving life. Wanted you to know I am still reading your posts down here. You are one of my go to reads. Thanks.
    Smart City began large scale convention services at Astrodome and now handles telecom for major convention centers. Would this include temporary radios or other gear that could be monitored/recorded etc. and sent to their central office for review? If they've covered Presidential party conventions and large scale corporate events, i would imaging they could have heard some very interesting things.
    Hi, a heads up for you. Over on the MM+ testing thread is a guy that just started posting named mnrlblue. He is saying 95% of those testing have had no problems. I had quoted him, and asked if he was refuting what you have been saying on this thread. My post has since disappeared, or I didn't hit the send button, but I am sure I did.
    Thanks for all you write on here.
    My wife and I send our condolences for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your loved ones. God Bless!
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