Marvel coming to WDW?!?!

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No. Way. Really?! I wonder to what capacity.
Maybe after civil war comes out, they will have enough characters for an ensemble type show/ride instead of a standalone hero, a ride where you come face to face with black panther, falcon, ant-man fighting a generic ultron type army thing using enough B Heroes without using any of the off limits characters? etc...
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So...we know a lot of characters are off limits...what can they use?

Howard the Duck ride?

I've got a bad feeling about this.

Hulk meet-greet-and-grunts at EPCOT's World Showcase? Just give me a little time here ... and doncha think Howard the Duck would make a good replacement for Living With the Land? Or better yet ... how about adding him to a new version of The Tiki Room. You know the #tikibless and #cultofcitrus would groove on that.


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I thought Guardians of the Galaxy were OK to use. Beyond that, I dunno. We assume Uni and Disney would never cut a deal on this, but stranger things have happened.

It is generally believed that Guardians would be ok. It seems pretty clear the Universal isn't looking to get ride of Marvel so maybe a deal was cut to allow some off limits characters to be used at WDW.


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Anything not used by Universal first (in any capacity) is fair I believe, but Universal used all the A-list characters already. So guardians is the only thing they've made so far that wouldn't apply because those were obscure characters before the films.

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