Just who IS in those costumes? AND are they coached how to act?


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I use to work for Chucky Cheese here in Southern Indiana / Louisville,Ky area.... If a child ,or parent asked where Chucky was to a host, or waiter/waitress on the showfloor.We would tell them He was on a cheese break, and would be coming out shortly. Then anyone who is free male, or female would slip on the costume located directly in a small dressing room near the food court/game shop area.Then head out onto the showfloor, and work All Areas of the showfloor two too three times around,then head backstage to undress, resume there shift, or break..we also had to inform the manager on duty,and log in the books who did what and when .

It did not matter who was in the costume, as long as you did not speak,mishandle the child,make rude gestures,unmasked the character in front of chidren ,or parents.


But some people just don't accept the "furry" community


The book "Cast Member Confidential" has some pretty interesting info about the cast members both face and fur. A good read if u haven't come across it (though I feel most here are probably aware of it).


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There's an ex-Tigger roaming around here someplace...
One mktiggerman to use his full (and former) screen name, perhaps?

I don't care whether it's a guy or girl playing Minnie. I only care that they're properly channeling the spirit of Minnie.

Same with Pluto. Though for authenticity, I prefer Pluto be played by a highly trained dog, male or female. His handler would need to keep him away from restaurants, light poles, and squirrels, of course, but that would seem a small price to pay.

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I remember being in Hollywood Studios a couple of years ago and just before Donald came out I asked the cast member just how many Mickeys there were in the parks. It was a private discussion, no kids were around, but he said "Oh, there's only one Mickey." So I got a little closer to him and asked again so it wasn't within earshot of anyone and he relented and said they have a system where Mickey can never be seen in different places at the same time. Just funny how he was almost afraid to break character there.


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Talking animals or not, the joke still has to work.
I see. Let’s try a better joke then.

Q: How many cartoons strips does it take to get people to stop nitpicking at each other on a thread that started with a lighthearted question?

A: Apparently, more than one.

Please understand that the point of my post wasn’t to make the WDWMAGIC Comedy Hall of Fame. It was simply to add a lighter touch to a long-winded debate that was based upon one simple comment. A buffer, if you will, within a tense discussion. Next time I’ll just stay out, and people can be left to solve the world’s problems by arguing about character genders, rather than the all-important Lassie issue. Ah, the joys of the internet.


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As discussed before Mickey, Minnie, Donald, etc. are usually played by women considering the height requirements for them are 4'10"-4'11".


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The book "Cast Member Confidential" has some pretty interesting info about the cast members both face and fur. A good read if u haven't come across it (though I feel most here are probably aware of it).
I thought about buying that book, but was afraid I would be disappionted by finding out things that was best left to the imagination.
Were you so sad when you read about some things, that you wished you had not bought the book???
The characters are cast by height. Gender plays no part of the process.

And, yes, the characters are taught certain mannerisms...

So...I would guess that, yes, you have probably interacted with a male at some point. Don't worry about it.
I never really thought about it before. But now that I think about it, it's sort of strange to think about. I just assumed females played females and males played males... Hmmm.
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