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Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?


WDW History nut
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so I guess the E would be the Dino retheme and the D would be that crappy coaster from TDS
No im pretty sure hes saying there will be a new E ticket build, which I believe to be a coaster and I think the D would be a water ride of some sort.
To be clear, nothing is happening yet. No D, no E, no A.

Please don't think I said a D and/or an E might be coming to DAK. I didn't.


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Be cool if they made a huge, rugged outback Indiana Jones adventure up on the expansion lot north of Kali, with indoor and outdoor sections. The poacher chase in Kilimanjaro was great if out of place on a peaceful safari ride, maybe they could revive the concept somehow where you're chased by rival treasure hunters, or nazis. Regardless, IJ could be an epic ride if they follow a new build, and a big draw to compete with the big going ons at Epcot and DHA in the coming years.