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Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?


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Indiana Jones and the Lost Opportunity?

Perhaps someone will realize the franchise's potential.
Indiana Jones is a franchise driven by the title character rather then an ensemble or unique setting, which is what you build a cinematic universe on. Additionally, there isn't really an ongoing story in the movies and Young Indy series beyond various episodes within the life story of Indiana Jones and the expanded universe only has two real touchstones: The Indiana Jones Adventure rides and the Fate of Atlantis videogame. It's neat, tidy, and each adventure is a solid standalone experience.

While you might say "Aha! That would make a Star Wars-style continuity reboot easier if there wasn't really anything people would miss!", that's not what Indiana Jones 5 or anything after is going to be seeing as they've already said they don't want to recast and are just gonna stick with Harrison Ford even though he was already getting into "So Very Tired" territory for a lot of viewers in Crystal Skull.

If the filmmakers and audience can't move on from Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, the franchise isn't going to have cinematic legs and that's fine. Not everything has to keep going forever. A lack of entanglement makes it easier for Imagineering to keep slotting Indy for use in their Adventurers Shared Universe.


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Maybe they should go the Allan Quartermain route... Allan Quartermain could be Indiana Jones' real dad and for sake of protecting his family he changed his surname to 'Jones' and moved to Utah... I mean, Connery WAS Quartermain (in probably the worst connery role ever).. That's NEW canon. Then Disney could be blamed for hijacking.err...buying another IP out and being even more unoriginal.

Picture it, 1971, old man Indy has been diagnosed with cancer (probably from multiple radiation exposure over the years; ark, aliens.err. inter dimensional beings, nuke blast, etc). He's pretty much given up and accepted his fate, but out of nowhere, his other unknown b@st@rd child (plot twist, Willie's kid!), has tracked him down to his adhoc studio apartment above a pharmacy outside of Seattle and tells his about him and his moms' past. Apparently, before his mom died in a freak circus act involving her being attacked by a rabid mouse who spooked the elephant she was riding around the big top, who then threw her off and stomped on her back, she finally revealed who his father was. Surprisingly enough, the elephant only paralyzed her from the neck down, but the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that she was given in the hospital during her recovery did her in. Turned out that Willie had a severe peanut allergy. Her dying words to her son (Chip's his name BTW), "Indiana..... Jones.... is... your.. f#C!in' father..." After Indy chuckled to himself and exclaimed 'Willie Willie Willie', he then remembered that the guy telling him the story was her son and that he should feel some sorrow...

Indy then goes on to tell Chip that he now belongs in a museum, and asks if he could borrow some money to buy some drugs. Chip, devastated to see that his once great rogue of a dad has resigned himself the remaining life he has living in a drug induced state of haze, decides that he'd can't see him 'going out that way', and the old man's got one final adventure in him. You see, Chip has been the director of antiquities for Southern Southwestern Louisiana Community College (you could say he's a "chip" off the old block!) for the last 12 years and has come to know the conclusion that voodoo is indeed, real. Determined to not let his dad die, he's heard rumors of a 147 year old witch doctor who has kept people alive thru some ancient Haitian incantation involving eating pieces of flesh from an ancient shrunken head and reciting klaatu barada nikto! 3 times while moonwalking. Indy's reluctant at first, but realizes that even if Chip is full of crap that he could probably score some major hallucinogenic hooch to relieve his daily life of constant pain.. 'What the he!!', Indy mutters...

Let the adventure begin.


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It would be better for the parks and for a 'cinematic universe' if both Indy 5 and The Rock's Jungle Cruise movie were both clearly set in a S.E.A. universe. Then other movies could be set in that cinematic universe and all the parks' Adventurelands and assorted SEA-linked attractions can become one theme park universe.
As long as it's a franchise that is called by the name of a single character, it can't expand into a 'cinematic universe'.
I don't think that's true. Such things have happened in tv shows in the past and I imagine for movies at least a small number of times, although I can't quickly think of many examples or find many for movies except the movie Elektra and Puss in Boots.

Planet Sheen is a spin-off series based on Nickelodeon's Jimmy Neutron
The Flash is a spin-off of Arrow. Both shows then jointly set up a second spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow.
I already mentioned this previously in this thread, but a movie of the character Delila Dirk could be made to be in the same universe as Indiana Jones while neither of them being directly mentioned in another movie that stars the other character. She could be like a spiritual successor/predecessor to Indiana Jones. She could also not be that similar to Indiana Jones at least in personality and some other personal attributes at least initially, but I suspect many Indiana Jones fans would prefer if at least some main character in a Delilah Dirk movie had some degree of similarity to Indiana Jones in one or more Delilah Dirk movie if such a movie or movies were to be part of the Indiana Jones universe.

Nothing would actually to appear in a movie featuring the other character for them both to be in the same universe, but some object of importance could appear in a movie featuring both characters (ie. a historical artifact appears in Indiana Jones 5 and in a Delilah Dirk movie that is set in an earlier time period or an artifact or artifacts that appears in a Delilah Dirk movie could eventually be also revealed in some Delilah Dirk movie to have eventually found it/their way to a collection that eventually ends up in the Jones warehouse). Or some other person besides the main character of either movie could appear in a movie featuring the other character.


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I still think "IF" Indy replaces Dinosaur...Then it will become the first steps of the name change and as I have stated before on this forum that it will be called Disney's Adventure Kingdom...
I think Indy replacing Dinosaur is merely a fan-created notion based on the fact it shares the same layout as Indy in California. I have no doubt that any new attraction will be, well, new. It doesn't make sense to make a clone 20+ years later, they would just be shoe-horning themselves in.

I also would be willing to place a wager that Disney isn't going to name any park using the word "Adventure". There was too much consumer confusion over having two "studios" parks, given the nearly limitless options, I just don't see them going down that route.