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Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

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Don’t think it’s been answered yet. What is the plan for DHS Fantasmic and Star Wars Fireworks?

Building off of this, what is the thought about cutting back as much as they have on the World Dr launch point. Surely Disney didn't build that out to be utilized like it is currently, right @Disnerd2003?


@techgeek I saw the Electrical Water Pageant still floating behind the Parade Floats storage garage. It still uses old incandescent Christmas bulbs and not LED lights so they had to find a supplier to keep it fully lit. You can get a glimpse of it from the Monorail from the Grand Floridian. I don't know any plans to bring it out for show.


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Good to hear it’s not dead


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A question for you upon your return in the morning; are we getting a new projection filled fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom for the 4th of July next year? I hope not!


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How do you think we find out about what people are on to? We monitor W D W N T (I dont know why it was blurred) heavily and PR had a meltdown over that "who we are at W D W N T". Manaagement knows of him. Pretty much everyone in the Disney Company in the parks division knows about him.
That was a fun article to audit.


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Now wouldn't that be something...?

Bob, you really need to rethink some of your theme park strageties.
I know a guy with a lot of experience in that field that could help you with that.
Too bad he isn't working full time for your Company anymore.
Perhaps you can remedy that?


As soon as I take over as CEO, I'll give him a call.

I'm sure Paul Pressler will be thrilled to have his old job back!


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Alright @Disnerd2003 , I'm going to go through my list of rumors and try to hit on some that haven't been pointedly addressed if you don't mind.

  • You indicated no IP in Spaceship Earth, will there be a celebrity narrator? What about a descent that doesn't involve on board screens?
  • Will normal guests be allowed at the top of the new Events Pavilion going into World Celebration?
  • What was the issue with Primeval Whirl. Is this attraction there in 5 years?
  • Any chance Flights of Wonder is coming back to replace UP! A Great Bird Adventure?
  • What if any plot details can you tell us about Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind? Will the Peter Quill went to Epcot narrative play into the attraction at all? Will there be subtle and/or not so subtle nods to EPCOT Pre 1995?
  • Seriously, what was with "A Whole New World" in Epcot Forever?
  • Will the Disney Genie be better than Touring Plans' Lines?
  • Will Pandora see an expansion?
  • Will Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge see an expansion after Rise of the Resistance? (Restaurant or attraction?)
  • Will Zootopia find it's way to the Animal Kingdom?
  • Will the Seas Pavilion see Nemo evicted?
  • Will there be direct transportation between Epcot's China Pavilion and the NBA Experience?
  • Following the October 5th incident, was there any discussion of removing the Riviera Resort Skyliner station?
  • Are any updates coming to Living with the Land? If so, what's the time frame?
  • Will a retheme of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster be more thematically appropriate to Sunset Boulevard or will it be designated as a new area?
  • Will the plot of land North of Asia in DAK ever get used for guest space?


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Hi @Disnerd2003 . May I ask you a few questions? (Sorry some of them are pretty specific!)

1.) Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: The Last Jedi movie proved to be pretty divisive among even decades-long SW fans. It personally put a bad taste in my mouth for all things Star Wars…and I’m a lifelong fan. I so wanted to like the movie, and hated it. Due to this, I lost a lot of interest in SW and honestly expected to be underwhelmed by Galaxy’s Edge; and this tempered my desire to visit it.

My question is: Did Disney fear the divisive reaction would effect Galaxy’s Edge? And if not, why not? What effect did the divisive reaction to the move have on the development/building of Galaxy’s Edge? Were things changed due to The Last Jedi reaction?

2.) Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Is the company considering incorporating more Original Trilogy characters, planets or vehicles?

3.) Visiting the House of Magic at the Magic Kingdom is one of my cherished memories as a child. Thanks for the updated sign and limited time Yesteryears T-shirts and magic band. Disney is sitting on potential gold-mind here as far as developing a great story based on the House of Magic. Potentially a Potter-level property. Are there any plans for more House of Magic updates? Or other updates to former MK Main Street stores?

4.) Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a terrific attraction. It allows exploration of the often-overlooked areas of the Magic Kingdom. This is Disney being it’s best Disney. Do you know if there are any updates planned? New playable cards? Expanding the game in to Tomorrowland?

5.) Pandora: The first time I attended, the atmospheric soundtrack had the sound of a Pandoran beast bellowing unseen behind the trees. Then, a similar beast bellowed from the other side of the path, sounding like a far-off in the distance reply. This audio created the idea of such a larger world! But when I returned a year later and listed all day to the atmospheric soundtrack, it was not there.

Does Pandora have different atmospheric soundtracks? Do they run at different times of the year, indicating the “seasons” of Pandora?

6.) I can always watch plenty of Disney movies, like Toy Story, Frozen or Guardians of the Galaxy at home. I can buy tons of their toys, t-shirts, etc. too. I can immerse myself at home in these things. But I can only experience The Haunted Mansion at a Disney Park. Same with Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Tom Sawyers Island, etc. These “park only” experiences stayed with me from childhood and are the reason I return to the parks.

But does the same happen from a ride for an intellectual property that the public can “over-expose” themselves to daily at home? How does Disney value the park-exclusive attractions? And does Disney realize that people want to seek out story-experiences they truly can’t get at home?

Thank you for reading these and for your replies!


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If OP is the real deal, wouldn't it be easy to figure out who it is? "Hey, got anyone on your team who keeps asking about Hatbox Ghost?". Maybe it's someone who just left? Did we just find the real Troy Porter?

Edit: oh, and WHAT'S THE MNSSHP CAP?
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