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Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

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Boston Bruins

New Member
One question- should we expect any updates/changes/closures to Buzz in the Magic Kingdom? Or is Space Ranger Spin safe for the foreseeable future?

Rose Marie

I'd like to know why DL has seemingly endless funds for new parade, after new parade and constantly has one, but WDW just never can afford one. It's been years since Magic Kingdom had a parade and all we get is a tired old hand me down from Anaheim? Please...
We don't even get the Christmas parade and snow on Main St every year without paying for the BS, ridiculously overpriced "parties". Yet than doesn't happen in Anaheim either.

All the excuses for the lack of quality entertainment and customer focus are getting old. Prices go up, up, up and quality goes down, down, down.
Will answer when I return. Good question.
@Disnerd2003 Didn't see you respond to this and I'm curious about it too.

Hollywood 1939

Active Member
A few Imagination questions since it's arguably one of the most anticipated refurbs.

- Are ride details set in stone?
- Is Dreamfinder planned to be included?
- Is IP or the comics involved?
- Will the ride length be increased similar to the original?
- Is/was a plus of the original incarnation ever on the table?
- Will Imageworks go back upstairs?
- Will the Rainbow Corridor return (and was its return ever considered as previously reported)?

"El Scorpion"

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In the Parks
Overall Resort Related:

Resort Fee? - If so, then when?
Any concern about the current pricing model and are they looking to Phase Out (or drastically change the AP model)?
Are the price increases about crowd control or is it a cash grab? Probably a bit of both but which is the main reason.
What happened with the Skyliner?
Is the new GF walkway a precursor to a new resort?
Does anyone at Disney realize how bad the food quality is and that the non-Disney run places are far better? And are there plans to address this?
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Safe through the 50th.

it needs some major TLC though (buzz I mean, as does pooh), but buzz is getting really bad its appalling to me they cant give it some love. between that and stitch sitting there empty......aside from that though, will the PeopleMover still see some love for the 50th? (please bring back the previous narration it was so much better and more creative and themed).


Well-Known Member
One if the things I like most about WDW is the entertainment... around WS, the African band that was just cut from AK, March of the First Order, etc. Will the cuts to that kind of "street" entertainment continue?
Yes unfortunately.

There’s a number of older entertainment offerings that I, and many... hopefully, would consider ‘survivors’ and elevated to an ‘untouchable’ status - they’ve become so much a part of the soul of their place that to remove them would irreparably damage the place itself. Dapper Dans. Voices of Liberty. Mariachi Cobre. Studios Streetmosphere. Are things so desperate in entertainment that any of those have ever been considered for outright removal? Is there anything, save a Mickey meet and greet, that we can rest assured is safe?

On a related tangent, I’m convinced the only reason the Electrical Water Pageant still floats is because it’s basically been forgotten about... but I also consider that such a deep soul of the property that I can’t imagine 7SL and Bay Lake without it. Tell me someone’s got its back and is hiding it from Chapek?

Clyde Birdbrain

Unknown Member
Thank you so much for all your replies and information @Disnerd2003 👍 All your answers seem reasonable and plausible to me. I want to believe. 🛸

  • Where does the pink path in the Epcot redesign artwork lead to? I can't say. SUPER SECRET.

Ooh, mysterious. My guess is that it is Figment-related somehow. Maybe the path leads to the Imagination pavilion and/or Figment has a larger role in World Celebration.

  • Are more missions still coming to Smugglers Run? There are talks of 1 more at WDI.

I thought there were already 3 missions created. I do hope they will add more to make SR more re-rideable. I did both SR and Star Tours last night and hate to say that I still like Star Tours better. 😕
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