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Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

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Since this has moved away from just being about the MSEP, I feel more comfortable asking this, how about any new shows coming to DHS? Specifically, replacements for longtime shows BatB or Mermaid?
Yes but no premise or IP had been chosen yet.

Are we getting any news soon, and if yes, can you hint about what? I think this way people can check the veracity of your claims if you hit the nail on the head with the closest news we get
I can talk about the new Christmas Party Fireworks soon enough.

I miss @whylightbulb too -- he was a nice source of insider information. I believe he either used to be in WDI and did contract work now for Uni, or otherwise was a contractor in the industry and had a lot of connections. (I may be wrong about the specifics, but I'm pretty sure it was something like that).

I see that Steve has responded, but I thought it was odd people were asking. I can't remember ever seeing Steve chime in and say that someone claiming to have intel was "legit" or not. I think his answer was great, though, about what he does and does not do to filter out people. Like he said, if this person is for real, we'll be able to tell soon enough.

I'm enjoying this thread, whether legit intel or not. It's fun to think about this stuff. So many rumors that appear here (even from trusted experts) don't pan out -- it's the nature of the beast. So why not discuss them a bit? I get being a little leery and feel that questioning is valid (this is coming from a 12+ year member of these boards who was pretty vocal on the Troy Porter/Micechat threads when that broke), but this feels pretty harmless to me.
Thank you for following along!

That hurts. So ANY new countries for WS??
Not at the moment.

@Clyde Birdbrain
  • Will Jungle Cruise still get re-designs of the upcoming movie? If it performs well, ideas have been circulating.
  • Will the Muppets in Liberty Square ever come back, or are they gone for good? They'll make their return if the boss becomes desperate for a crowd eater.
  • Where does the pink path in the Epcot redesign artwork lead to? I can't say. SUPER SECRET.
  • Will there be IP in the updated Spaceship Earth? NO!
  • From what you know about the updates coming to Imagination pavilion, do you think fans of Figment will be happy? Most certainly.
  • Will the Ratatouille ride have 3D glasses like in Disneyland Paris? Yes.
  • What's next for Animal Kingdom? Any plans for land between Kali and Conservation Station? No but a new E ticket is coming.
  • Are more missions still coming to Smugglers Run? There are talks of 1 more at WDI.
  • Will the Indy stunt show get any updates? Maybe.
  • If Brazil is no longer happening, any other countries coming to World Showcase? Not at the moment.
  • Any chance of Rise of the Resistance getting passholder previews? Only if they finish in time.
  • When will the new Canada movie premier? Will it have a celebrity host or invisible narrator? Invisible narrator. Next spring/summer with Impressions de France.
  • Is Mexico ride getting a Coco overlay as hinted in the Epcot Experience model? Another secret.
Is a new RNRR theme still in the works?
Not until after the 50th.
I would like to play the “let’s ask Zoltar the great a question”!

Will Stacy still tell me about the “must dos” on my resort TV for the foreseeable future, or will she be replaced by a lesser version?

Mecca leckka hi Mecca hinney ho
if you guys are fans, she stays.

Only one question from me. How was the mood the days following Galaxy’s Edge opening with the teams? I’ve worked on some broadway flops, and I know how it hurts to do work for years upon years and have it burn in front of us.
It was the lowest I had ever seen the morale. We were all speechless for weeks. Both Bobs never came out of their offices.

Intresting... marni1971 recently claimed that RoL will get a update in the future and you're claiming it won't :cautious:
I didn't deny an update I just said management is happy with it NOW.


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How about the water parks, any new rides coming?
Not at the moment.

After Tron are there any plans to expand the MK, if so where is the most likely expansion pad.
Yes, most likely the Adventureland plot

Any changes to the Fast Pass system in the near future?

Lastly, any major changes/additions coming to the Polynesian?

Bummer. Hope you're wrong about that. WDW's FP system blows. Having to schedule every hour (or wait in endless lines) and being limited by tiers is far from ideal. The CL pilot program is a step in the right direction, but it still requires scheduling and is only available to Club Level guests. It's not a difficult concept. Uni, and many other theme parks across the country, have been doing it right for many years. Some modifications would be needed, but WDW could certainly come up with a much better plan than what they have now.


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Ok, fine. @Disnerd2003 , any new dark rides on the horizon for any of the 4 parks? Specifically, any boat ride based dark rides?
Those are my favs.
There's an update to Gran Fiesta but it's quite a few years down the line. No "new" dark rides besides Mary Poppins unfortunately. Had the AK addition gone the way 8 wanted it to it wouldve been a dark boat ride.
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There's an update to Gran Fiesta but it's quite a few years down the line. No "new" dark rides unfortunately. Had the AK addition gone the way 8 wanted it to it wouldve been a dark boat ride.

So, the MP ride in the UK that you said is similar to Peter Pan wouldn’t be a dark ride?


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OK, OK. I'll play.

Are there any plans for Rafiki's Planet Watch?
Will Dinoland ever go the way of the dinosaur?
Was it ever considered to convert Seas pavilion to the Marine Life Institute from Finding Dory?
Are there any plans for Odyssey after the FW transformation?
Do long-term plans for Imagination still include both a theater and ride?
Any new moderate or value resorts on the horizon or just DVC and/or deluxe?
When (if ever) will we see a Frontierland expansion?
Have there ever been real discussions about a Tomorrowland name change?
Is the E-ticket for Adventureland (volcano coaster) still being considered?

Finally, the Holy Grail of questions: Has there ever real talks about getting out of the Marvel deal with Universal?

The End.


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Spent 30 years with "TDO"? Not a single team has been in the Team Disney building in Orlando for 30 years... It hasn't even been open 30 years. And no one calls it that inside the company. Also no one refers to decision makers as "Management." A different term is used.
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