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How Many Days for You (part 4)


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I have just decided to go to DisneyWorld next Christmastime 2010. Very excited even though I'm going on my own ad it's so far away and it's only for 3 nites/4days. If you had a choice (and I do) would you rather stay at Port Orleans - Riverside or Wilderness Lodge? Not much of a price difference between them.

WL but thats just me. Its my fave.


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90 Days for Me!!!!!!

Tomorrow...less than 90 days!


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Believe me, my husband and I don't regret it at all...

And yes I will be. Just trying to get back in the swing of things here at work and all. Plus I am going to upload some photos tonight to go along with the report but I will dif be doing a trip report should be started in the next day or so...
I expect plenty o food pics...


almost there

:sohappy:38 Days till we are at the world:sohappy:
Can't wait, but since the 90 day mark the days have been going fast (Thank God)



leaving for naples florida on sunday (to see grandparents) and then leaving there to go to Disney the following saturday!


and season passes!

it'll be a good time.
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