Favorite in-park music?


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I love all of the area and background music and listen to a lot of it at home, but the live stuff like Mulch, Sweat & Shears, British Revolution and Off Kilter really take it to the next level for me. In cases like this the music doesn't enhance the attraction, it IS the attraction. I haven't seen the Guardians show but it looks amazing and the talent in that show is off the charts. Marie


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i always enjoy the music while walking around the parks. very immersive. 1 of my favorites is listening to the tomorrowland loop while just resting at the tomorrowland terrace.
i also get a kick out of the loop in liberty square. they play the monty python theme in their loop.
I'm wondering if anyone else loves the music of a certain park, area of a park, or ride?

I love the star tunnel music from Space Mountain and the theme music for Soarin'. I repeatedly come back to these soundtracks.

yess! I listen to the star tunnel music all day! One video on youtube has a 4 hour loop of it! I also listen to spaceship earth music


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Too many to name..

Epcot Entrance
Spaceship Earth score
Haunted Mansion
MK Entrance
Star Tours
DHS Entrance
Pre-Illuminations Music...
Space Tunnel
ToT Queue
Test Track Queue

I could go on, but I have to stop now... Going to start a playlist....


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Innoventions Epcot Loop ( # 1)
Soarin' - (pre ride, during ride, and post ride)
Illuminations Music - especially post show
The Pandora Drum Circle thing - just kidding
World Showcase - walking around and listening one county fade into another..
Animal Kingdom Live shows by Dawa Bar have a great vibe too


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The back ground music for the Tower of Terror. I can listen to that all day. I can be upset, hear that and I bust out in all smiles, that is until it shuts off, than I am upset again. So is life.
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