Favorite in-park music?

One I love that I haven’t seen mentioned yet is The Land Pavilion loop. It’s got great music from film scores like Out of Africa.

Tony the Tigger

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Not my favorite, but one that amuses me in a cheesy way is the loop of songs in 'Restaurantasaurus' (great name) that all have some dinosaur references in them. The songs "They're all gone" and 'Ugga bugga' are particularly awful/great.

I think Ugga Bugga is sang in a Springsteen voice too, which adds to the awful (the Boss sucks- fight me!)
Blinded By The Light = game over.


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Balafon Marimba Ensemble Adventureland background music.....I have this cd and it instantly transports me and I hunger for dolewhip....:angelic:
ToT exit music for me. Vera Lynn "We'll meet again" is so haunting, and hangs over you as you leave through the gift shop.

DW's favourite is Fantasmic. Such a powerful score, especially the very beginning! That's the one that really takes her back to her childhood watching it.

So many more we love too. Especially Animal Kingdom entrance and Magic Kingdom entrance.


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Carousel of Progress for certain. Mainly act 4 and the unload soundtracks. Act 4’s sound track is very well pieced together: the rhythmic drum machine, the bright keyboard melody, and the ever-so-pleasing bass line. Put it together with a family singing together, and it’s a perfect song along song! I love the background music too! Then in unload, there’s the strings backing jean shepherd as he concludes the show and then that beautifully orchestrated rendition of there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow that plays as the theater waits to go back to the loading stage. After that, you guessed it, it’s the theme song! Let me just say, love the theme song heard in unload
There’s a great big beauuuutiful tomorrow, Shining at the end of every dayyyyyy. There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, and tomorrow’s just a Dream awaaaayyyyyy!
Man has a dreammmmm and that’s the staaaart, he follows his dreeeeaaammmm with mind and heaaaaaarrrrrrrtttt!
And when it becomes a realityyyyy, it’s a dream come true for and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
(So there’s a great big beauuutiful tomorrow) Shining at the end of every daaaaayyyyyyy! There’s a great big beautiful tomorrrrrowwwww, just a dream awaaaaaayyyyyy!
.....was I singing? oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to burst into song! Really! I..... okay, guilty is charged, I love singing that version so much! They just make it sound so catchy with how they tend to sing some notes higher to really make it sound like the future’s bright! Then there’s that catchy keyboard melody and rhythmic drum machine that accompanies it! Despite being recorded in the 90’s, it still has that modern feel to it! Please, Disney, send me an original studio recording of that version! I love it WAY too much! I just wish I could track down the duet that sang it. I know they sang “promising tomorrows” for space mountain, but that’s it.


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I would say the music for Space Mountain's first room with the ball pit (I don't remember what that's called?) and the star tunnel as well as Soarin's ORIGINAL score are good choices but I also enjoy Splash Mountain's soundtrack.

Is anyone else digging the music in the queue for Slinky Dog Dash?


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The moment when you are in the queue for Haunted Mansion, the howls are heard in the woods, and you can just begin to hear the faint sound of the super-slow Grim Grinning Ghosts version. Pure magic. (I don't know if this is still the case. Haven't been in a while.)


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old school Carosel of Progress......

Now is the time,
Now is the best time,
Now is the best time of your life.

Life is a prize.......
As this was the original song to the WDW version of CoP, I prefer this one as well to "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow".
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