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Favorite in-park music?


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I'm wondering if anyone else loves the music of a certain park, area of a park, or ride?

I love the star tunnel music from Space Mountain and the theme music for Soarin'. I repeatedly come back to these soundtracks.

I love these songs also.
Sadly we were at MK 2 weeks ago. None of the interior music was playing inside SM.
I was SO bummed out. I love the que music for that ride.
I listen to it all the time .....😜.


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I always enjoyed listening to the steel drum band that used to play in Caribbean Plaza in Adventureland.... nowadays my picks would be the ragtime piano at Casey's Corner, the music from Soarin' and finally the haunting melodies from the TOT. But really.... this list is kinda like the Energizer Bunny... it goes on and on and on...
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