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Does anyone NOT like Flight of Passage?


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Man, I wonder if when I rode it that day the wait was actually 4 hours, and the ride wasn't down. Most definitely no ride is worth waiting 4 hours.
In my case, not even 2! 😁
I listened to all the hype for two years before I finally got to ride it at the beginning of the month. While I enjoyed it, I think after so much hype I was a little underwhelmed by it. I’m glad we were able to get FP for it. Our original plan was to get back in line near park closing, but we all agreed that one ride was fine. But I’m sure that we’ll ride it again next year if we can get FP again.


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Unfortunately, when we were there Christmas week, we could not get a Fass Pass the entire week (even 60 days out), so never got to ride it. And NO ride, is worth a 4 hour wait, so we just moved on. Never saw Avatar anyway, so I don't think I am missing anything.
Sadly, you are. While the ride is comfortably nestled into the Avatar universe, it would be equally as stunning laid out as a speeder ride through the forest of Endor, or even (bite my tongue!) a full-up TRON lightcycle experience.


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Rode it for the first time a couple weeks ago. I was a bit paranoid, first, I'm no skinny Minnie. Two, I get motion sickness. I was determined to try, made it on with no problem. Had to close my eyes during about 1/4 of it. The breeze saved me. It was a one and done. I love Soarin' and never have an issue. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a beautiful view.


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Rode FOP about a month ago, had managed to get FP's for it and had huge expectations after hearing all the hype.
The ride was....'good' but it was - just good - in my opinion.
I thought it very much like a cartoon version of Soarin'. You can see all the rows of people and its obvious you are in a theatre. I have to say the screen doesn't seem to curve like Soarin' so the visuals weren't distorted, and I did enjoy the couple of dips and the story was pleasant - like Soarin'. But it just wasn't the amazing, out of this world, jaw-dropping ride I had expected.
I think if I'd have waited standby I would have been even more disappointed after waiting so long for something I felt was 'good'.
Forbidden Journey tops this every time for me. When I first rode that for the first time in 2012 - I came off completely in awe of the ride, FOP just did not give me that feeling at all.

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If you want an experience that rivals FoP.. pay a couple of hundred for a VR helmet and have fun.


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Due to my Ménière's, all screen based attractions are a no can do for me as my ear and eyes arent matching up. Even the "elevator" section of Haunted Mansion messes with me, but not as badly as FOP. I hate where these "rides" are going. If I want to see a fantasy world on a screen, ill play video games on PC.

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I wish more people didn't like this ride. I like it a lot and unless I get to it at just the right time there is still a two hour wait.
I wish you people could get more people to not like it, because, right now apparently, no one is listening to you. :joyfull:


It's an amazing ride, not sure if it's worth the long waits but my family would probably disagree with me.

As for the overweight thing - I'm 5'7 and 250lb (gained 80lb in a year due to thyroiditis :() and fit fine. It wasn't uncomfortable at all, aside from adjusting my womanly area up top. Yay censors.


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I have now ridden it four times. After this last trip, FoP is now my favorite ride on the property.
Just an amazing experience.

Sorry, Everest!

Our entire party loved it, too.


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I love it but I'll agree with a couple of posters. The bottom row is definitely not as good. I wrote another thread talking about over zealous cm who shoved the back restraint so hard on both my kids they couldn't breathe( my son got off) and my daughter was in pain all day. It was mind blowing the first time and let's face it most people wont get to ride it more than once or twice every few years. Also, it's aging fast and a cm admitted that it needs some maintenance already. Lots of creaking, breathing affect not working on our banshees.


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No. My BMI is in the mid 30s and I can ride it without issue. YMMV.
Mine is more than that and I rode it. CM had to push, but I was at the time sticking my butt out a touch trying to leave myself some room that I didn't need to do. They got it to click and I rode.
Personally loved it, even though I'm meh on the movie and general land concept. But still a great ride, even if its 'just a screen ride'. Can't wait to ride it again.


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It is a good ride but I don't think it is the best thing ever. The pre show is good, the ride vehicle is pretty cool, and the graphics are really good. But give me a coaster any day over this. It also gives me a little motion sickness which doesn't usually happen to me on these types of rides.


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I think most big people like myself hate the seating for it if that counts. I'll probably never get to ride it. Not terribly broken up over it. kinda guessing the tron coaster my have the same issues.
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