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DHS Makeover - What we know so far.....


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And still popular enough to warrant a 2000 guest/hour E-ticket at DHS. Oh, well. I won't impact me that much. I'll FP the new ride once per vacation and be done with it.
Have you ever rode Maelstrom?


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That is the popular rumor.

I wouldn't be surprised if misinformation is going to be leaked just to identify who's leaking it.
They really that uptight about it? Even if a handful of people on here guess what it is. The general public will still have no idea. I would think they'd want to leak some info to placate people.


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To damp down the fanboi foaming all we KNOW is attractions are scheduled to close and a large amount of money was 'approved' as a budget, what's not been done is actual appropriation of the money.

In short this may never happen as it may have simply been a PR stunt to blunt the impact of more closings at DHS.
So many on here are saying that they only expect stuff about Shanghai and Avatar with regard to parks info at the expo. At this year's D23 though there will be the 90 minute Parks and Resorts presentation in the new "Hall 23" with its 7,500 person capacity (considerably larger than the arena previously used for similar presentations). Considering they didn't have a Parks & Resorts keynote presentation at the last two expos, considering that there will be a show floor pavilion dedicated specifically to Shanghai and Avatar projects, and considering that at the shareholders' meeting in March Iger stated that announcements for DHS (and Disneyland expansion) will happen soon, how is it people still don't think there will be any announcements and plans revealed at D23 for DHS and Disneyland?
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