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December Meet -- Official pictures, posts, etc.


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looked like fun! Wish I could have gone but I had to go on a Drama club trip to one act competition! I am happy to anounce that we are going to states!!! :sohappy:


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Looks like you all had a great time! Sorry I never made it over there, I was stuck with Shamu much longer than I thought I would be. Still, a fun day over with the fish!

Catch you all next time!


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The Mom said:
Atta, as Dave would say, "What happens at the Adventurer's Club stays at the Adventurer's Club." :lol:
That right mom! What happens at the Adventurer's Club stays at the Adventurer's Club! A lot of good times were at the Adventurer's Club. :D


WOW, seems like it was a blast. wish i coulda been there to meet you guys. I have to wait til May 10, 2005. Maybe I'll get lucky and meet up w/ somone


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I'm the one in the boa (and holding up my nametag in one of the group pictures).

Proof that I rode Tower of Terror..... :lookaroun


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Wow seems like you all had a wonderfull time!!!!! I'm so jealous! My friend Meg (Megan514) is there now.. lol I get updates daily.. OH HOW I MISS YOU DISNEY WORLD!!!!! :eek: :eek:


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Um, is anyone else having issues saving these? When I try to load them in any image viewing program, I get a red X....

The Mom

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Just in case anyone doesn't recognize me from my avatar, I'm the grey-haired lady in red, sitting next to my white-haired husband of many years.

(And why would someone ask me if it was my first marriage? :lookaroun Do I really look as if I had time for another one, on top of 28 years in this one?)

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