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December Meet -- Official pictures, posts, etc.


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Robs and ______


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The Prime Time waiters must have had a field day with this group! :lol:

Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Thanks for the pics!


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dang.. you have an itenary... cause i was at MGM on saturday night to ride TOT once.. (my only risde except disney trans for the entire trip) and went in line to see the lights.... (before closing)


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Gordon - for someone who claims to dislike having his photo taken you are going all-out pose on some of those shots :lol:

Wish I could have been there and I look forward to more shots.


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I love the Dr evil pose... the someone taking a photo of the camera taking a photo of the camera taking a photo of the camera *gets smaked.. fixed again.... Hialrious

Master Yoda

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For all those that attended and treated me and my wife like long lost friends I would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We had a great time. It was pure luck that one of one of our rare solo trips to WDW coincided with the December meet. In the future we will be planning our trips around the meets so we can spend more time with you guys. Sorry we had to bolt after the first TOT ride but Mrs. Master Yoda’s ear drum popped on the first drop so we had to head back to the hotel and do the ear infection thing. We were really glad we ran into several of you at the Adventurers Club later that evening. Thanks again for a great time. I hope to see you guys again real soon.

P.S. The family and I will be at WDW on 12/11-12/14 so PM me if you want to meet up.


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Thanks for the pics everyone, I'm gutted I couldn't be there especially as some went on to the Adventurers Club!! :cry:


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Sounds like fun!

I see a lot of familiar faces there from last year! Next weekend I'm hosting the wdwmagic.com west coast (Disneyland Resort) meet! :) Please be sure to check for pictures under the Disneyland area next week! :)
Happy Holidays! :xmas: :xmas:


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and once again i stayed elusivly away from cameras ;)

Great meeting you guys...sorry i didnt hang out more

The Mom

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Please note that I am NOT in the ToT photos, but The Son is. (He's wearing the wdwmagic tee.)

I am in the dinner photos, however, along with my dear husband. The Son was off in another room with Pam, Static-x, Foxfire, wannabebelle, and pam's daughter, Danielle.

Master Yoda

Pro Star Wars geek.
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hcwalker16 said:
Could we possibly get an ID of people? I'm curious as to who's who.
I am in picture number 3 (TOT before ride) top row 2nd from right in blue jacket. The woman next to me in the yellow shirt is my wife.

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