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  • Hah, that's pretty awesome.
    I have a friend who goes there studying aviation management. He's in flight school as well.
    I had considered applying there but decided that I wanted to stay closer to home.
    I almost never go to the right side. We just had to get a locker, so it was the only reason I went that way.

    R&E basically were there for an hour. The crowds were ing them off, so they left. It was nuts last week!
    I'm fairly certain we're flying down on the 10th... or 11th. :lol: Either way my park of choice on the 12th is Epcot, and the 13th is when we do, I believe, tours of both FIT and Embry-Riddle. I think we're exploring the coast for a day and then heading back either on Valentine's Day or the 15th.

    ...In other words, I have no idea where Dad put the itinerary. :eek:
    You should definitely go to FIT, but I may be biased.

    I'll be in Ohio while you're touring the campus. How many days are you going to be in the MLB? I'll have to tell you all the places to visit while you're there :lol:
    Hey, did you make a decision about FIT yet? If so, we need to have our Melbourne discussion sometime.
    Dan, I just saw your avatar.. Do you own the Delorian with the outatime plates? If so I have seen you around! Small world!
    Have a great mini-vacation, Tall One!
    I'll be looking forward to yet another of your magnificent TR's!
    Good to see you!
    Can't stay, but just wanted to say hello, so...


    Hello! :D :wave:
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