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Trip Report *Completed* The Rain Filled Graduation and Cancer Free Celebration Trip

Doc Disney

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Not sure if this is something you should say to a person but ... your mom has a great alien face.
haha I totally agree with you! She laughed when I told her what you said :)


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I love your report! Congrats to both you and your mom, as you both definitely had great things to celebrate!! Your parents look super fun to hang with, and really great sports -- I especially loved your mom's description of Tom Sawyer's Island! I had to tell my husband that one and he completely agreed, although not from personal experience - every trip we think "Ok, this time we are going to go over there" but then we take a good look at that place, and the overheated and exhausted-looking people arriving back from it, and we have a reaction similar to your mom's as we both agree "no friggin' way today!" LOL! So, it has never happened. Maybe someday tho!

Can't wait to hear more!

Doc Disney

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I love your report! Congrats to both you and your mom, as you both definitely had great things to celebrate!! Your parents look super fun to hang with, and really great sports -- I especially loved your mom's description of Tom Sawyer's Island! I had to tell my husband that one and he completely agreed, although not from personal experience - every trip we think "Ok, this time we are going to go over there" but then we take a good look at that place, and the overheated and exhausted-looking people arriving back from it, and we have a reaction similar to your mom's as we both agree "no friggin' way today!" LOL! So, it has never happened. Maybe someday tho!

Can't wait to hear more!
Thank you so much for reading and following along, my parents are definitely great sports :) I have never been to Tom Sawyers Island either but totally agree that every time I see everyone's exhausted faces I think better than going haha Maybe someday when its not too hot and there aren't a ton of other stuff I would rather be doing I will go!

Doc Disney

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Day 5:
Today we decided to head to Typhoon Lagoon for the morning. When deciding between the two water parks we mutually agreed that Typhoon Lagoon was more fun in terms of the wave pool so thats where we went! Oh also, it was my parents wedding anniversary! However, they were in a little tift in the morning after I went over our plans for later in the day and mentioned we had The Land Fast Pass. As I mentioned before my mom literally despises this ride and while she is usually a good sport she was adamant about not going on and then my dad said something jokingly about her acting like a 12 year old and she got mad haha. It was pretty funny to me because here it is my parents anniversary and the two of them are fighting like teenagers. When we got to Typhoon Lagoon though all was forgiven (probably because on the bus Betta and I decided it was best that we just change the Fast Pass for Spaceship Earth…since there really weren't many other choices left).

When we got there we pretty much spent half the morning in the wave pool before moving onto the other things.

We went on the Family Raft Ride which isn't as long as the one at Blizzard Beach, but still fun. Then we went on some of the other slides which were fun but also kind of hurt haha. It seemed like, even though you are in a tube, there wasn't enough water flowing down the slides. Oh, I forgot to mention that Jill and Nick were going to join us at Typhoon Lagoon, but waited for a bus at the hotel for over an hour before giving up. After the slides we headed over the Shark Reef. I promised my Dad like 3 months before that I would go swimming with the fish/sharks and face my fears (I not only don't eat seafood but I have a significant fear of fish being close to me…I mean seriously they are so gross). Even though my Dad told me I didn't have to do it, I made a promise and therefore had to do it. Thankfully Betta told me I could hold her hand haha. It turned out to be really cool (both literally and figuratively seeing as how the water is freezing)! Its funny both Betta and I got super nervous when we saw a fish coming towards us but when we saw a shark we both thought it was cool haha

While we were at Typhoon Lagoon we did miss our Fast Pass for Be Our Guest for lunch. I was a little disappointed because I literally stalked the website to get that Fast Pass, but I also said its ok because its a good reason to come back. We decided earlier that since we had gone to MK the whole day before we didn't have to go again in the morning.
After we got back and changed we headed back to Epcot (which is definitely more enjoyable to me now than it used to be as a kid)!
Before leaving my mom made us take a picture with this guy and he literally would not stop talking even though I basically said like 10 times the Epcot bus was here and we needed to leave haha

We had quite a bit of time before our Fast Passes and before dinner so we went to World Showcase and took the boat over towards America. Betta and I were pretty determined to eat the Jalapeño Cheese pretzels so we wanted to get those as a snack!
On the way...

Here is our pretzel…and it was well worth the wait! It was so good!

My parents each got Mickey pretzels!

After this we still had a lot of time so we walked around the countries, something I really enjoy doing. I love looking in all the shops and seeing what they sell.
Here is our pit stop in Italy

We also managed to make our way to Germany in time for me to get another snack…
I had actually never been inside the candy place and honestly didn't even know it existed until I read reports on this website so naturally I had to try something. I got the milk chocolate sea salt carmel…and it was amazing. To this day my mom and I still wish we could have some

Alright so it was finally time for our first Fast Pass…Imagination haha I felt kind of silly using Fast Pass UNTIL I saw it was like a 15 minute wait and couldn't believe my eyes that the line was so long. I think this ride is so cute haha
After we went on our new Fast Pass for Spaceship Earth which was good, but honestly I think I fell asleep while riding it haha (I tried to keep myself awake by looking for Hidden Mickeys but couldn't find any haha). After this we had Fast Passes for Test Track. The skies started looking ominous so I made sure we got in line 5 minutes early. Within seconds of getting in line Test Track closed…ugh this is literally the 3rd time it closed on us! Well we decided to get out of line because by the looks of it it wasn't going to open anytime soon! We went back to World Showcase and decided to go to Italy early and get a drink. I checked in 45 minutes early planning on telling them we were going to be at the bar but they ended up taking us…and just in time because it started pouring!
I really enjoyed Italy! The food was great and so were the waiters. For drinks my mom and my sister and I shared the Sangria which was delicious and my dad had some sort of wine.

I guess I should clarify that we were at Tutto Italia since there is more than one restaurant haha
Also, before I keep saying 20 times that everything was good…it was all delicious and highly recommended (and that is coming from someone who usually doesn't eat Italian)
The bread service

I had the Fettuccine Alfredo (which I really liked the fact that they didn't smother it in sauce, also I had it without Prosciutto)

Betta had the Gnocchetti

My mom had the lasagna

And my dad had the Pollo al Forno

Even thought my parents decided to turn down desert Betta and I surprised them with a cake that we preordered (my dad actually said no to desert spoons like 5 times and they were confused as to why he kept saying no before they figured out it was a surprise)! They were so surprised! I was excited they didn't find out about it. The waiter kept winking at me before he brought it over hahaha it was funny.

After dinner it was still pouring and for some stupid reason not a single one of us remembered our rain gear…or maybe Betta did I actually can't remember. Needless to say it was a long way back to the bus stop in pouring rain haha
When we got to the bus stop it was packed so we had to wait for the 2nd bus. We did inadvertently cut the line at first and for some reason no one told us and everyone was really friendly when we figured it out haha. The 2nd bus we got on was packed and my sister and I (probably thanks the Sangria) were in hysterics over the idea of a small bus accident where all the people standing would fly all over (sounds morbid but when you are squished with a bunch of people its actually pretty funny). Anyway, we were all tried so turned in early for the night!
Next Stop: Hollywood Studios


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We tried Tutto Italia about 6 years ago. We really enjoyed it and now it is a tradition to eat there every trip. Now that I think about it, we will be eating there 2 weeks from today! The cake was a nice surprise for your mom & dad on their anniversary. This trip report is keeping me going as I count down to my trip!

Doc Disney

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We tried Tutto Italia about 6 years ago. We really enjoyed it and now it is a tradition to eat there every trip. Now that I think about it, we will be eating there 2 weeks from today! The cake was a nice surprise for your mom & dad on their anniversary. This trip report is keeping me going as I count down to my trip!
Ah thats so cool that you will be there in 2 weeks eating! Can't say enough how jealous I am haha

Doc Disney

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Day 6:
It was finally time to head to Hollywood Studios! They had EMH in the morning so we tried to get there at 8 and ended up getting there a few minutes before, but they had already opened the park (which was actually a common theme). We went right to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and only waited 5 minutes before getting on!

We were trying to imitate the faces we made on the ride:

We then walked by Tower of Terror and the wait was only 10 minutes so I told my Dad we should just go on now and "get it over with." I really like Tower of Terror, but I do not enjoy the part where they open the elevators and there are ghosts haha. My mom and Betta stayed off and got some Memory Maker pictures while waiting

Meanwhile, on Tower of Terror… (we are in the back corner)

The ride seriously isn't that bad..I feel like you at most drop like 4 stories haha
Bahaha my Dad is crazy..

Ok so after Tower of Terror we decided to head over to the Great Movie Ride (but not without stopping for more pictures…)

Before getting in line for the ride I decided to try and move some Fast Passes around since we already went on Tower of Terror and had a Fast Pass planned for it later. While the guy who was helping me at the kiosk was nice (and kept asking me if I graduated from High School…to which I should have said yes, 8 years ago) he only changed my Fast Pass and no one else's. I noticed this mistake while getting on the Great Movie Ride so I spent the entire ride fixing my Fast Passes. I am definitely not complaining since I literally can't stand this ride anyway haha. My biggest pet peeve about the GMR is the…oh wait…its everything. Its so outdated I can't stand it haha
After GMR we had Fast Passes for Star Tours! I have not been on Star Tours in years…and was pleasantly surprised by how cool it is now.
After, we went through the gift shop and I got an Ewok keychain for my friend who loves Ewoks and I bought another one for my nephew dog Jack who looks like an Ewok!
Here is a picture of him dressed up like an Ewok for Halloween!

After Star Tours we had a little bit of time before our next Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania so we just walked around a bit. We did get in line for the Backlot Tour but even though the wait is "15 minutes" everyone knows its 15 minutes before the pre show (which I find annoying) which is before the second line and THEN comes the ride. When they made the announcement that it would be like 40 minutes before actually getting on the ride we got out of line and wandered around Pixar Place instead.

Cute garbage cans!

We finally got in line for our Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania! What a great ride, its no wonder the line is always so long! Betta and I with our glasses!

Betta beat me and my Dad beat my mom! We did get some extra playtime when the ride stopped for loading so that was fun! Oh, funny story, when we were in the loading line some Cast Member had to keep yelling at this one tour group because they were getting in and out of line. When I mentioned that it was a big group she rolled her eyes and said "yea and there are 40 more behind them." I thought it was funny because usually the Cast Members are so pleasant and nice, but she was clearly aggravated (and understandably so) haha.
After TSM we relaxed for a bit and got a popcorn snack. Popcorn is my favorite snack at Disney…I'm not sure how I made it so long without eating any!
We still had a bit of time to kill so we went in a few of the shops hoping to find some Planes merchandise to buy for my little cousin since he likes that movie. We could only find Cars stuff though!
Our next Fast Pass was for Indiana Jones (we changed the Tower of Terror one to this!). This is the first time for my Mom and Dad and I to see it so I was excited!
Here is Mr. Ewok wearing my moms pin waiting for the show to start

This show was SOOO cool! I can't believe I never saw it before. I'm a little disappointed to hear the rumors that this is on the chopping block, but I can also understand it because I am not sure how many kids even know Indiana Jones (I myself never actually saw a movie).

After Indiana Jones it was time for a break so we decided to head to Downtown Disney to eat lunch. The annoying thing about the parks is how there is no easy way to get to Downtown Disney…I understand why there isn't a bus to Downtown Disney (since ppl would park there for free and take the buses) but its super inconvenient. We had originally planned on taking the Saratoga Springs bus then walk to Downtown Disney but our bus came first so we decided to take it and take the boat to eat.
To be continued….

Doc Disney

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Ok so before I continue with Day 6 I would just like to say that if anyone is on the fence about getting the Memory Maker package I would highly recommend it! I finally got around to looking at my printed pictures and all the Memory Maker ones are gorgeous, especially the ones with the borders and the Magic Shots!
Anyway, moving on.
As I mentioned before we had decided to go to Downtown Disney for lunch. Just as we were about to leave for the boat, however, it started thundering and lightening (again). So, it was to the bus stop for us. Basically I had kept saying how we should avoid the Downtown Disney bus because it usually takes forever and what not but we actually got one right away…AND its nice because it drops you off at Marketplace unlike the current boat situation!
Oddly enough I barely have any pictures of this trip to Downtown Disney…I must have not brought my camera thanks to the rain, so only have my mom's pictures!
We decided to eat at the Earl of Sandwich which was a first for us! I don't have any food pictures but I had the Original, Betta had the BBQ chicken wrap, my Mom had the Buffalo Chicken wrap and my Dad had the Thai Chicken salad. All of it was super good, and all very cheap.
We ended up running into Jill and Nick down there too. They were going to meet us at Hollywood Studios in the morning but Jill was not feeling well.

After eating it started to get sunny again so we did some serious shopping! Well, I did some serious shopping, not sure about everyone else haha. I can't ever resist buying stuff at Disney! I am looking to get a house soon too, so I kept picking up things for my imaginary house (for example, dish towels, an ornament, salad tossing things, etc). I also bought my persons present in the kitchen store…I thought the wine called Once Upon a Vine was so cute!!
My sister and I also made a stop in Goofys Candy store for some goodies and got my Dad this rice crispy treat in the shape of a Turkey Leg. All trip long he kept talking about Turkey Legs (even though he has never had one) so we thought it was funny!

Since it was sunny we were able to take the boat back to the hotel
Weird looking cloud…

It was a little chilly for the pool, but we did take some time to relax in the hot tub.
Since it was one day before my Mom's official one year cancer free anniversary we decided to all get a drink at Mardi Groggs in case we didn't see Jill and Nick the next day. I finally found my favorite drink there…the white super fruit sangria, it was delicious!
I find it very appropriate that my mom is wearing her BILLieve shirt (the Buffalo Bills breast cancer awareness shirt)!

After getting drinks we headed out to Hollywood Studios again. There was this super adorable girl on the bus telling Betta and I about her day and she was telling us her room number so we could come over and watch Frozen hahaha the mom was like so embarrassed (the little girl was just horrified that Betta has never seen Frozen).
Anyway we got to Hollywood Stuidos with some time to kill before dinner so I had suggested going over to the Art of Animation for drawing class. I had never done it before, but it always looks so cool on everyone's trip reports! My parents didn't really want to do it so they decided they would meet up with us later. Betta and I waited in line but just missed the cut off for the next class so we ended up getting out of line and heading over to One Man's Dream. I had actually never gone through One Man's Dream, but had read about it, and was pleasantly surprised by how cool it was. I tend to love pretty much any museum as it is so I was bound to love it. I did miss the end of the museum though because they announced that the movie was starting so Betta and I went to the theatre. My parents had actually ended up in One Mans Dream too and watched the movie before us so they left when we were entering. The movie was seriously so cute and very informative!

After One Mans Dream we headed over to the Sci Fi Diner for dinner! I was sooo excited to eat here because I heard such great things about it.
So…as I walked in to check in (after having a hard time finding it…for some reason I can never figure out how Hollywood Studios is organized) I slipped and fell right on my one knee. The floor was so slippery from all the rain! Obviously everyone came to my attention as Disney Cast Members do but I was trying so hard to continue checking in and let them know it was just 4 of us but I couldn't hold back the tears so I made Betta do it haha. Betta was like "are you crying because you are embarrassed or because it hurt?" It was because it hurt…all of my weight basically landed on my one knee, which also happens to be the knee in which I had just gotten over a stress fracture. Goodness it really hurt! All the Cast Members offered me ice but I figured I could power through it! Anyway, my mom felt super bad about it so decided to give me my birthday present early…Lambie from Doc McStuffins!! *yes, yet again I acknowledge the fact that I'm like 2 years old

For obvious reasons I love Doc McStuffins, and lambie is seriously so adorable! That definitely cheered me up!
What also cheered my up was how cool the Sci Fi Diner is!!! I was really blown away by it, no pictures on the internet could have prepared me for how it looks in real life!
I had read before that a lot of times even with a reservation you wait awhile to be seated, but we got seated right away (probably because I fell haha).

We weren't all that hungry so we all just ordered appetizers.
My mom and I both got the Buffalo Popcorn Chicken, Betta got the Fried Dill pickles and my Dad got the Chicken Wings. Oh, I also got a chocolate milkshake which I thought I deserved after falling haha. I don't have any food pictures, I must have been somewhat distraught haha. First off, I am pretty pleased that they call the Wings Chicken Wings and not Buffalo Wings…its like my biggest pet peeve in life. Secondly, all the food was superrr good! Even the wings were pretty good, and we are usually wing snobs since we have so many good ones here! We all decided that we would like to make the Sci Fi Diner a usual thing.

After dinner we were all pretty tired so I hobbled my way to the bus stop. It seriously annoys me that there is only one bus stop for all of Port Orleans, especially at night. Its like that at Epcot too but when its busy at night they open 2 different ones. Anyway, we ended up waiting for 3 different buses before we got on one. I was standing, which would have been fine had my knee not wanted to give out at any moment, but my sister and I did get another chuckle out of a possible minor bus crash with people falling all over haha.
Off to bed we went and off for more adventures tomorrow!


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Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it didn't bother you too much the rest of the trip. Loved the story about the little girl on the bus inviting you & Betta to her room to watch Frozen!

Doc Disney

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Ok so sorry for the delay in writing! I am in charge of an American Cancer Society event which was today so spent the whole week getting ready for it!
Day 7:
In the morning we were planning on going to another water park and had ultimately decided to go back to Typhoon Lagoon since Jill and Nick didn't make it earlier in the week and we really love the wave pool. For those of you who are curious my knee was doing ok…but I had some major issues with walking up stairs and the wave pool did prove a little challenging trying to swim without moving one leg too much haha.
It was a little chilly this morning, and so was the water but it still felt pretty good (by a little chilly it probably was like 80 instead of 95 haha)
Here is me looking extra touristy with my mom haha

My Dad making friends with the lifeguard

Wave progression

We did go on the Family Raft Ride twice, which I always think is funny because its so much effort to get your raft up the hill and then its like this dinky little ride but its still fun! I did have issues getting out of my raft because of my knee haha it was funny Jill basically had to lift me out!
After spending some time in the wave pool my Dad wanted to swim with the sharks again and Nick decided to join him. I had reached my limit with swimming with fish so decided to watch this time. While waiting I saw this Sting Ray that I could not get enough of! He kept swimming along the steps and sticking his body out of the water :)

Nick swimming

My Dad swimming

Family pic! My hair does great with chlorine…not haha. Also, I am always wearing a shirt because my tops kept falling down in the wave pool haha it was easier this way

Ok so after Typhoon Lagoon we went back to the hotel just in time for it to rain…again haha. We wanted to do some resort hopping so we decided to take the MK bus to take the monorail. We got off at the contemporary and decided to eat at Contempo Cafe
I think its really neat how you order food here with the computer things beforehand!
I had the cheeseburger which was pretty good (sorry there is a bite missing…)

My Mom had the pepperoni flatbread which was super good!

My Dad had the chicken chop salad which I think he said was ok

Betta had the Caesar Salad which was good as well (I have a picture but basically didn't think you needed to see another salad picture haha).

After lunch Betta and I decided that we wanted to finally a try a Dole Whip. Onto the Monorail we went to go to the Polynesian for Captin' Cooks because I had read they had them there.
I also vaguely remember reading that because of the construction they didn't have them. We went in to ask and sure enough they didn't haha
Oh, also on the way to the MK I started getting blurry vision in my one eye, which is my aura for a migraine and I was getting so sad about the possibility of a migraine. However, I took like well above the recommended dose for Advil and eventually I stopped it before it got bad (don't take my doctorly advice here haha).
We spent some time in the Polynesian deciding what to do…

After the Polynesian we decided that we really wanted to try Dole Whips so we would head to the MK for one.
When we got there we noticed the line for Tinker Bell was only 10 minutes so my mom and I stopped in. The people behind us in line were making some comments about how these characters should just be for kids. Ok, for starters simmer down the line was literally 5 minutes. Secondly, we all pay the same amount of money so it shouldn't matter who sees characters!
She was very sweet…she kept talking to me about owls because of my shirt haha

"Why do owls only say who?"

I think this face of hers is funny…she was responding to something my mom said about her day being alright and not great or something haha (when in actuality my mom said she was just distracted by the people making comments about how this should just be for kids).

Ok next up Dole Whips and Hollywood Stuidos!

Doc Disney

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Typhoon lagoon looks soooo empty on the second day you were there!! I would love to go in the wave pool then! When I went it was packed!!
We got there literally right when it opened which is why it looks so empty! It got pretty crowded within an hour…I think the wave pool is so fun, especially when it isn't crowded. When it does get crowded it makes mer nervous because inevitably you run into someone haha

Doc Disney

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Ok so Day 7 continued:
PS today is my Birthday and when my mom asked what I wanted to do I said work on my Trip Report haha
We decided to take the train to Adverntureland and get off to get to Aloha Isle for Dole Whips. I forgot to mention before due to rain the train was closed when we got there, hence how we ended up at Tinker Bell!
We finally made it to Aloha Isle and I was not surprised to see how long the line was since everyone keeps talking about how great Dole Whips are! Betta and I got the Pineapple Dole Whip Cup and my Mom got the orange cup…..

I may get kicked off this website for saying it but I didn't like the Dole Whip very much…haha I guess I expected it to taste more like ice cream and less like frozen fruit. In any case, I'm glad I tried it but probably wouldn't get another one (or at least go out of my way to get another one). Betta agreed with me on the not being a huge fan of it. I just asked my mom and she said she enjoyed the orange one though!

After the Dole Whips we left MK (without doing any rides…it was weird haha) to head to Hollywood Studios for our next Fast Passes!
We got to Hollywood Studios a little early so Betta and I wanted to see if we could get into a drawing class, but it was really crowded again! For some reason I didn't expect it to be crowded because I didn't think that many people knew about it, but I guess they do!
Instead we walked around and then headed to the Muppets for our first Fast Pass.

"we surrender, we surrender"

Personally, I feel like the Muppets is something that should be done every trip. Although, every time after watching it I am not sure why I feel that way haha That movie is in need of a facelift…but at least they changed the opening movie in the waiting area to include Constantine from the Muppets Most Wanted and that was pretty funny!
After the Muppets we decided to head over to Star Tours again!
Betta's goal in life (or I should say goal at Disney) is to get the red card for the wait times and she finally got it on Star Tours!

In case you are curious I am holding my hand like that because the worker asked me to hold his imaginary pet rock…hahaha I was like um ok? It made me laugh because if anywhere at Disney someone would be strange enough to do that it would definitely be the Cast Members working at Star Tours!

After Star Tours we had a Fast Pass for the Little Mermaid. I had never seen the Little Mermaid, but heard it was on the chopping block so wanted to make sure I saw it! It was ok…I feel like if you never saw the movie you may be a little confused about what was happening. I did think it was cool that they at one point had bubbles everywhere! I can see why that could be on its way out though, I feel like in general most of Hollywood Studios could use a major facelift!
After The Little Mermaid we had Fast Passes for Fantasmic! No one in my family had ever been to Fantasmic so we didn't know what to except. For some reason I expected it to be inside haha I had no idea. In any case we got to the Fast Pass and when we went inside I was blown away by how huge the area is! I thought it was so neat that they even have food and beer and wine! I also did not realize how huge it was back there and how big of an amphitheater it was! It was insane! I was super disappointed with our seats, though. I assumed with the Fast Pass we would get preferential seating, especially since we did get there about an hour ahead of time. Its pretty curious how the Fast Pass works…I was reading it on the one Facebook groups I'm in and sometimes people have gotten special seating for Fast Passes, other times they got in earlier than everyone else, and then other times were like me where people got pretty bad seating. I feel like if I ever did it again I would do the dinner package because those people got nice seats (I had actually looked into it, but it was too late when I looked and it was only lunch times available)! In any case we sat in the way back!

The opening stuff was fun how they got the whole audience involved with trivia and sing a longs! Just about 5 minutes before the show started it, it started raining haha. Basically the whole show it rained, and it was a pretty steady rain as opposed to a sprinkle. I feel like the whole situation made me not super thrilled about the show. It was cool, but we really couldn't see too well and I feel like everyone in the audience was cranky because it was raining. Also, I feel like its pretty scary haha at least if I was a kid I would have been scared! In any case, I probably would go back so that I could have a better experience but overall I wasn't super thrilled with it!
After leaving (which takes forever thanks to the one entrance/one exit thing) we waited in line for a bus and finally got on the 3rd one! Then….the bus broke down haha Personally, I thought it was pretty funny but Betta started to have a major panic attack about it. She was saying she was hot (to which I told her to take her North Face off) and was asking the bus driver to open the doors haha. We literally were only on that bus for like 2 minutes before we got off and got on another. Its funny how certain situations can freak some people out! To be fair it was pretty warm and it was crowded but overall it wasn't so bad :) (she gave me permission to tell that story haha)

Next up Day 8: Animal Kingdom


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Great trip report! I have to agree with the Dole Whip comment, not a huge fan. Lapu Lapu are way better Also, seems like your Dad is a good sport, making faces and seems to do everything. Gotta love that.

I still like the "Go Bills" tag line..lol

Doc Disney

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Great trip report! I have to agree with the Dole Whip comment, not a huge fan. Lapu Lapu are way better Also, seems like your Dad is a good sport, making faces and seems to do everything. Gotta love that.

I still like the "Go Bills" tag line..lol
I'm glad someone else isn't into Dole Whips! I wanted to try a Lapu Lapu but I had a migraine when we were at the Polynesian so figured it was best if I didn't haha. Both of my parents are definitely good sports and doing everything we want them to do! It's always gonna be Go Bills! BILLieve :)
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