Trip Report *Completed* The Rain Filled Graduation and Cancer Free Celebration Trip

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Hey everyone!
First off let me start by saying this is my first trip report and I am very excited to share my trip with all of you! Secondly, I am going to freely admit that this TR will take me forever to finish since I start residency on Monday haha

For those of you interested in seeing my PTR its here:

Just a quick introduction to the trip:
June 6th - June 16th 2014
Where? Port Orleans French Quarter, our recent favorite hotel
Why? My mom is one year cancer free and I just graduated from medical school!
Who? In order of the picture below: My dad, myself (Megan), my mom, my sister Jill's boyfriend Nick, my sister Jill, and my sister Betta

Ok so Day 1 :) My Dad and I were very excited to be in the airport!

Our flight was pretty terrible actually. We had a lot of turbulence, so much so that I fell over in the bathroom on the plane haha. However, if you ask my Dad it was smooth sailing (mainly because he slept through the whole thing). Seriously though, I don't think I ever landed so hard haha but it was all good because we made it to Florida!!!
I put my Magic Band on as soon as we landed

Ok so I mentioned this in my PTR but we have always rented a car in Disney, but this year we decided not to so going on DME was a first for us!
Here is our DME family selfie (my sisters didn't come until the next day)…it was super popular on Facebook haha

Anyway so I thought DME was pretty great, we barely waited at all and got to the hotel by 11:30 am. I didn't really mind the video…but I also never saw the old one. I will also admit that I was only half paying attention because I was answering some phone calls for residency stuff. I missed the Disney sign because I was on the phone :( I did get a picture of our hotel though!

Oh, and on a side note at a red light we saw this sign and all three of us thought it said gourmet walk in medical care instead of gourmet pizza haha

Ok so anyway, I am already rambling. When we got off the bus the most unexpected thing happened! The one cast member was standing there with our name on an iPad! I NEVER EXPECTED IT! I almost walked right past her! So she said because we did online check in our room was already ready AND she surprised us by giving us "I'm Celebrating" pins! My sister Betta called ahead and told them I was celebrating graduation and my mom was celebrating cancer free and they already had the pins made for us (although to be fair they got confused and made my moms a graduation pin too haha but so much Disney magic already)!

We saw this beautiful sight when we walked into our room

Basically we spent like 2 seconds in our room, just long enough to get changed (into the clothes I insisted we pack in our carry ons even though my parents thought I was insane) and off to the Magic Kingdom we went! First I had to pose with my new pin!

Here are my parents at the Magic Kingdom…let me say thank goodness I was wearing sunglasses because I was tearing up I was so excited. Let me also say it was hot…probably because I'm from Buffalo and we had an especially horrible winter but boy was I grateful for that change of clothes

We got inside and took some obligatory pictures with the Memory Maker

Then…we were starving. Since we usually had a car we rarely ate on Disney property except for breakfast so this trip was our first chance to try new restaurants. I was standing there suggesting things to eat (since I did a disturbing amount of research) and we ended up just going to Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant because it was close and we were hungry. (We did initially look at Casey's Corner but I have a weird thing about only eating a certain brand of hot dogs from home and my mom doesn't even like them so we said no to that).

My mom and I got kids nuggets and mac and cheese and my dad got the adult nuggets. I thought it was all really good! (also, so much food comes with kids meals its insane!)

On a side note my family really got into me taking pictures of food (although as you will see usually there was at least one bite out of it because we were always starving haha). My dad would always be like "we need to get a picture for the blog!" haha (blog was the term I used because trip report would have confused everyone)

Ok…next up is our actual day at MK and then dinner at the California Grill! Hopefully I can squeeze it in tomorrow before my graduation party :)


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Congratulations to you and your mom! I'll be following for your updates! :)


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Congrats to you and your mom and great start to the trip report!

The pic of the "gourmet medical care" sign caught my eye because last year I had to take my daughter there while on our vacation! We were staying nearby off property and that was the closest walk in place other than the hospital. She started to complain of a stomach ache and it turned out to be a bladder infection.

Not a bad place to take a 8 year old to but they didn't serve pizza, that's for sure! :D


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Love your photos. Congratulations to you & your mom. You definitely had wonderful reasons to celebrate at Disney! Can't wait to read more. Best of luck with your residency.

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Congrats to you and your mom and great start to the trip report!

The pic of the "gourmet medical care" sign caught my eye because last year I had to take my daughter there while on our vacation! We were staying nearby off property and that was the closest walk in place other than the hospital. She started to complain of a stomach ache and it turned out to be a bladder infection.

Not a bad place to take a 8 year old to but they didn't serve pizza, that's for sure! :D
Oh goodness…well I am glad they took good care of her but it would have been pretty awesome if they had pizza too haha that sign was so confusing!

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Love your photos. Congratulations to you & your mom. You definitely had wonderful reasons to celebrate at Disney! Can't wait to read more. Best of luck with your residency.
Thank you! Not super excited to be starting tomorrow but I guess now or never haha

great TR so far, congratulations to you and your family on the double celebration :)
Thank you :)

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Ok so I am already lagging behind on writing but I am going to continue now with the rest of our first day :)

The first thing we did was head to Tomorrowland to see how long the wait was for Space Mountain (my favorite ride!!). It was a 55 minute wait but we had a lot of time to kill before our first fast pass so we decided to wait.
I made my parents make their best alien face (not sure my Dad got the memo):

I actually don't mind waiting in stand by for most rides, but especially this one because of the games! Also, I really liked that the Memory Maker included the ride pictures! I ended up buying the Memory Maker package as a gift for my Mom because she really loves pictures and I knew she would enjoy it. I know its kind of a lot of money, but to me it was worth it (and lets be honest what isn't in Disney haha)!
(Why am I the only one to look excited? haha)

After Space Mountain we had our first Fast Pass to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel at the Princess Fairytale Hall. I had never been there so I had a hard time finding it despite knowing Magic Kingdom like the back of my hand…I was embarrassed that I had to use a map haha. Anyway, it turns out it was right in front of me the whole time haha

This was my first time meeting a princess at Disney in a long time (maybe even ever I can't actually remember ever meeting one) so I was very excited and nervous. I feel like it was silly to be nervous, but it is almost like meeting a celebrity haha
Anyway Rupunzel was up first. She was such a sweetheart. She complimented me on my dress and was telling me about how she made hers with the help of Pascal.

When I asked if my mom could be in a picture she said "of course the queen must be in the picture"

Next up was Cinderella, who is my favorite princess! She was also very sweet! She complimented me on my dress since it was her favorite color and I told her I wore it just because I knew I was meeting her! She also saw my pin and told my mom she did a great job raising me and perhaps she could give her mom a few lessons. It was so cute!

I would love to go back and see them again I really enjoyed it!
After, we still had some time to kill before our next Fast Pass so we visited the Tangled Bathrooms which were beautiful and we hopped on the Haunted Mansion (an oldie but goodie).

After that we still had time to kill so we decided to go to Thunder Mountain Railroad. The sign said a 40 minute wait, but we figured we would wait anyway. In reality, we walked right through to the ride and it was like a 10 minute wait. I joked that it was only listed as 40 minutes because all the lines were open so it took that long to walk there haha. Next it was finally time for our Fast Pass for….
SPLASH MOUNTAIN! Now, I have not been on Splash Mountain since 1997 or something like that. Every time I have been at Disney since it was either closed or too cold (one January we were there it was like 30 degrees out). I really couldn't remember how wet you got so when we got sent to rows 1 and 2 I was nervous and made my Dad sit in the front haha. In any case, he didn't get that wet and neither did my mom or I and it was hot out so it felt pretty good. I would love to tell you if all the animatronics were working or not but I would have no clue…haha everything appeared to be in order though
I look terrified in the picture haha

After our Splash Mountain Fast Pass we still had like 40 minutes before our next one at Winnie the Pooh, but we wanted to make sure we had enough time to get back to our hotel to change for dinner so we decided to just wait in Stand By instead of waiting for our Fast Pass. Winnie the Pooh is another thing I haven't been on since I was a kid. I think I was on it the year it opened and that was the last time. Needless to say last time I was in that line there were not toys and stuff for kids…but this time there were…and it was super annoying. Maybe because we had a family of 4 little kids in front of us, but it seemed to slow the line down even more. The kids wanted to play and their parents couldn't wrangle them so we would have to wait while they waited for their kids to listen so we could move on in the line. End Rant. The ride was cute and enjoyable though. Apparently I am over on pictures so I will continue with the California Grill in the next post!

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We then went back to our room to change and our luggage was there…yay!
We took the bus back to Magic Kingdom with the intention of taking the monorail to the Contemporary for dinner. However, the monorail decided to shut down so we walked over to the hotel via the path. Its a nice walk but not when wearing dress clothes haha. Of course, by the time we got there the monorail started working again…oh well…more walking never hurt anyone (just my feet which were now blister filled haha) We still had some time to kill so we took some pictures at my moms favorite spot:

We decided to just check in and go upstairs for a drink. I had a cucumber fizz which was delicious. My dad had the Napa Blue Martini (he only got because it had blue cheese stuffed olives..but it wasn't good) and my mom had the Monte "Ray" which was pretty good. What I did notice is that all of Disney's drinks are stronger than you think haha

We finally got paged to our table and we got seated in this really nice small room with only a few other tables in it (I told my parents it was thanks to the Dr. in front of my name but they didn't seem convinced, nor was I haha). Another magical surprise was that our table was sprinkled in Mickey confetti! My graduation celebration had somehow made it to the California Grill!

Our waiter was awesome (I can't remember his name but I know he was from Ohio)! At the table both my parents ordered the Monte Ray and I had a glass of Zinfandel which was delicious.
Our view

For an appetizer we got the Oven-dried Tomato Flatbread which was amazing

The bread was also super good I think we ate some before I got a picture haha

For dinner I had the Oak Fired Filet of Beef which was amazing…and I usually hate tomatoes but I kept eating them here haha

My mom had the Bell and Evans Chicken which was also great

And my Dad had the Seafood Stew which apparently was good (I hate seafood but I did have a bite of the lobster which tasted pretty good…for seafood)

We did turn down desert because we were all so full but because we were "celebrating" we did get creme brûlée which was good…but not as good as Epcot France in my opinion

Overall I would highly recommend eating here! I can't wait to go back. We finished dinner around 9:30 pm and due to semi poor planning on my part for making this dinner the first night we were all too exhausted (from having to get up early to travel) to stay and watch Wishes from the balcony. We did see them from our Magic Kingdom bus stop though, so that was still cool (although not the same)! We went home and to bed!

Next stop…Animal Kingdom

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Great report so far.....following along!

Side note......your dress at MK is super cute!! :)
Thank you!!! My dress is from Forever 21 I like that store because its so cheap haha

Your report is making me so excited for my trip next month. California Grill looks awesome. I will definitely have to put it on my list for our next trip!
I'm so jealous you are going so soon! I want to go back! And yes, I highly recommend the California Grill…all its hype is legit haha

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Loving this so far!! Awesome food pics! And my luggage is that same vera design! Super cute :) thanks for sharing!! You are making me sooooo excited for my trip.. And btw your parents are too cute!
Thank you so much! Your trip reports are some of my favorites so it means a lot to me that you read mine! I'm so jealous you are going so soon!!! And thanks…they are pretty cute :)

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Day 2: We started our day like most days, eating breakfast at our hotel. We eat the same thing like every trip I swear haha. My mom and I always eat croissants and bananas and my dad a bagel and fruit! We did experience some issues with the rapid fill cups or whatever they are called because we didn't know they existed and tried to use our cups from our last trip. Really Disney…don't you not even pay for Coke at all and now I can't use my old cup??? We were debating about just buying one cup and then sharing but in the long run decided to just get three. We waited only a few minutes for the bus to Animal Kingdom but the annoying part is its also the bus for Blizzard Beach, even when no one is planning on going there. It takes so much time out of my day ;) When we got to Animal Kingdom and took some obligatory pictures.

We then went right to the safari which had only a 10 min wait (aka like 2 minutes). It was great as usual but they were really into squishing people into rows…we had like 6 people squished into one row, I just felt bad for my Dad.
Rhino eating some food!!

We then headed over to Expedition Everest and went on it twice, once via stand by (10 min wait) and the second via our fast pass. What a great ride! I'm pretty convinced the Yeti actually moved too.
Again, love the memory maker pics !

We then took a break for some Memory Maker pictures and such and then went to the Asian Trek trail!

And yes, my mom and I did have matching outfits haha
After the trek we went to our next Fast Pass which is Dinosaur, buttt it was closed so we had some time to kill. Here is me being bossy haha

So we decided to do something we never did before and go see a show. We decided that since we were so close to Finding Nemo the Musical we would see it! It was so cute!!! I really enjoyed it plus it was a good break from the heat :)
After the show I checked the app (probably the only time the whole trip it worked) and saw Dinosaur was back up so we went on! I have a love/hate relationship with this ride, it genuinely terrifies me and meanwhile my mom thinks its so fake and silly haha (see terrified face below)

After Dinosaur we were pretty hungry and I all but begged to go to the Flame Tree BBQ since I had read so many good things about it! Preface to Flame Tree BBQ is I never ever liked ribs before (I usually am not fond of pork) but I felt this pull to try to ribs there.
My mom and I split the Rib and Chicken Combo…it was…AMAZING! I couldn't stop eating haha My mom enjoyed it as well

My dad had the Smoked Chicken Salad which was also very good

Taking pictures from the Flame Tree BBQ

After lunch we went to our last Fast Pass which was the Safari again, and again it was great except with the squishing! My row wasn't squished but they tried to put 7 in one row and this poor kid had to sit with us (more like young adult and likely my age haha his mom did in fact give him the thumbs up when she saw he sat next to me…awk haha).
After this we decided to go back to the hotel for a break…Day 2 to be continued soon !


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Still loving your report! Your parents are great. Your pics are fun. Looking forward to the next installment.
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