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Bob Chapek Confirms Disney Will Overhaul Epcot

Pi on my Cake

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Alright, here goes some random guessing based on the info we have.

East side has the big concrete wall. West side has trees.

East side, past the wall, has Mission Space, Space restaurant, GotG. I'm noticing a trend. That side past the wall becomes "Future World Space Station" or whatever as a land within Future World

West side, past the trees, has the Land and Sea pavilion that both fit the naturalistic style and nature focus of the trees. That side past the trees becomes "Future World Earth Stuff" or whatever as a land within Future World.

The center is just a generically Future World area with Spaceship Earth and an updated shop and an updated restaurant. It becomes "Future World Classic" or whatever.

This leaves Test Track and Figment as the outliers thematically from their respective sides.

Well, Test Track is already cyberspace so that fits enough I suppose. Or they could drop the "space" theme for that side and just make it a technology theme with space travel being very high tech. Maybe Wonders of Life building becomes an animated innovention except instead of cool exhibits and edutainment it is meet and greets with baymax and star lord and a small theater that shows old Ludwig Von Drake Cartoons on a loop.

Figment is the real outlier. What does imagination have to do with nature? That is why the redo is being put off and why imagineers are so split on how to handle the update. Do they scrap figment for something that fits the nature theme better and make Figment just a mascot role for the next 5-10 years before doing something? Do they add some funky, crazy looking plants and just update figment based more on the comics and just ignore that the smooth visual transition of funky topiaries into the world of imagination does not make figment based aorund nature? Do they move Figment to a new home closer to Spaceship Earth and the "Future World Classic area and bulldoze the glass pyramids to do a new build as @marni1971 hinted at as a possibility? Do they make the dividing line for "Future World Classic" have a weird L shape and just have the nature theme end at the Land Pavilion? Lots of options, not many super hopeful for Figment if the West side does take on a nature/earth theme. Which would explain the contentious nature (pun intended) of all this and why it keeps getting delayed and why imagination is a last step for this.

Anyways, that's my guess based on the info we have.

Half nature, half space/tech. Hard dividing lines between those, practically separate lands. Generic Future World in the middle.


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Typically I agree with your thoughts about the parks, but I'm going to have to disagree on this. The Beverly is so bad that it's good, if you know what I mean. Even if they just moved it to the Coca Cola store in Disney Springs that would be fine with me. I don't really think anybody cares about the rest of the sodas available at Club Cool, but Beverly is legendary.
I believe Beverly is included in the International Tray sold at the store’s rooftop bar. These days Beverly is a bit of a lie, as it is only made for the tasting stations so I imagine it would be in any future ones.


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I’m a plant who’s job is to spread happy news in an attempt to divert attention from the Guardians Epcot disaster.
I'm still waiting for the happy news. Here's an example; "Because of GoTG, Disney decided to throw a bone to the Disney Parks fan base and rebuild Horizons" hahahha

Anyway, any chance you could sum up where this project is at? I missed whatever you said over the past few days.


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So, does this mean that this year is gonna be it for the current location of Leave a Legacy?
VIP up-charge event incoming:

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