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Bob Chapek Confirms Disney Will Overhaul Epcot


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Was the plan? Is that plans replacement better or worse then what we have now? I can't see it getting any worse unless they build a 15ft tall, pole based wall after the tap-stiles for visitors to get over. ;)
Since the hotel was axed I don’t know if this one came back. I’d hope so.


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I’m the opposite, I’ve never minded Leave a Legacy too much, at least they’re aesthetically pleasing despite the location. The nets are just thrown in there though.

Either way, I’m just ready for a change, and for them to get going on something already.
Leave a Legacy was a bad idea...bad execution and they're just in the way. One thing that could have really helped was if they turned them all 90 degrees and allow people to walk between them. Right now they're just major barriers to traffic.


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But in all seriousness, having him back in some form would be wonderful. Why not???
Unlike a couple videos existing of Dreamfinder and Figment interacting with guests made between the 1980s and 1990s. It's not very east stumbling upon footage of SMRT-1 in action. This is why I really enjoyed finding this one video from the 1980s that showed guests interacting with SMRT-1. If they ever brought the robot back it needs to come with some updates and newer features. For starters a more robotic sounding voice.


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With the Q1 reports and the menton of less spending towards the parks....Would this change the FW redesign dramatically now?
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