Bob Chapek Confirms Disney Will Overhaul Epcot


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Epcot is the Lynard Skynard of Theme Parks, 2 Original members from the opening lineup and is only attended now for nostalgia purposes. 😕
Don't get me going on Skynyrd... 😢 I was 5 when the plane crash happened and didn't even listen to them until my 20's but it's still hard to think of "what could have been". And I think they're down to 1 original member now.

Chapek couldn't find "theme" with a map and a GPS device.


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Leave a Legacy was a bad idea...bad execution and they're just in the way. One thing that could have really helped was if they turned them all 90 degrees and allow people to walk between them. Right now they're just major barriers to traffic.
As someone who bought into this at the time and has a spot on it, I 100% agree. Would love to see them go just about anywhere else or just away.

If there's a need to keep the plaques, maybe they could mount them all across one of those walls in the front in a way that makes them look like they actually fill up the space and belong... and like they aren't a memorial to all of us who appear to have died there during the beginning of the new millennium.

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Wonders is likely to become a multiple IP pavilion for the younger crowd. Don’t expect any “real” attractions. Expect this to open during the SSE project and way before Imag. Might even see some walls this year.

A new film is also approved for The Harvest Theatre.

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I just saw this. I really need to look at more threads, haha.


As an owner of a leave a legacy photo, I dr o not want them moved. However, if they do move them, they should move them to Disney Springs and guarantee they stay another 25 years. Put them where the bus stop is.
We'd actually prefer that they stay. We have two photo's - one of the two of us and one of our daughter. We like that there's a memory of us there, facing Spaceship Earth, even when we can't be there.
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