News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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I’m wondering what model they’re gonna display at D23 in august. I mean, they’ve done Shanghai, Pandora and SW:GE.. will it be Epcot FW, Marvel land at DCA, something else?
It will be Marvel Land at Epcot phssss. Sorry, still trying to absorb the changes coming to Epcot (don't worry I know about the Marvel contract with Uni)

BTW: @marni1971, has there been any progress on the new names for Epcot and Hollywood Studios?


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EPCOT is sort of in our cultural lexicon...If they change the name I can't imagine it being any more than a semantics change... like "Disney's EPCOT"...or

I really hope they aren't dumb enough to dump EPCOT as the name. It's probably going to be something "hip and now and modern and more timeless, more Disney". I wouldn't be shocked if they tried to pay lip-service by restoring "center" to the name.


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In keeping with their inane naming schemes these days... Disney Epcot Park. That way, they can keep selling "retro" T-shirts with EPCOT Center on them and not sacrifice that revenue stream. :banghead:


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I don't see what the point of renaming EPCOT could be. Hollywood Studios at least didn't make sense anymore (as it was no longer studios and the Hollywood-ness was diminishing) but EPCOT is it's own word that defines the park. What purpose is there to changing it?


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We're pleased to announce that Future World and World Showcase will become 2 parks!

Introducing Disney's Concrete Adventure! Guests will be immersed in empty and underutilized buildings surrounding them every where they look! Because, who cares what Epcot means anymore when guests can experience a mixture of insulting upcharges and a regression in quality, steadily decreasing by the minute!

And also introducing Disney's Inebriation Experience! Guests will experience the magical combination of passed out drunks around the world while their child screams for an Elsa toy. Make sure you have that FastPass+ scheduled 60 days ahead of time, or you child will hate your guts that you didn't get them front of the line access to Remy's Ratatouille Adventure (opening Spring 2020)!
Sorry all, this Epcot Forever and RoE replacement finally made me snap.


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I'm pretty sure the idea is (was?) to keep "Epcot" in the name, just alter it in some fashion, whether through the addition of some other word or words (much like "Epcot Center") or some kind of typographic change (much like the change from all-caps to non)


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That one area out by the Monorail as of today. Not much progress, they just dug an even bigger hole.

Also of minor note is that Innoventions West hasn't visibly changed between October of last year and today. The Wreck it Ralph meet-n-greet is at the same area they had the Epcot 35th store. Nothing changed behind the walls, though I think some of the lighting has been taken out.

The Nanooze area slider thing is also operating now, didn't get a chance to try it though.

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