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Best desert in WDW


New Member
Surprised nobody said this yet, but my favorite desert is the one in Big Thunder Mountain lol. My favorite dessert on the other hand is probably the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwhich's you can get all over lol


A legend.
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In the Parks
The "Drinkable Chocolate Bar" [not exactly sure] at Ghirardelli's :slurp: [might have the word 'decadent' in the name]

The thickest, richest hot chocolate drink ever!

EDIT: Found it!

Chocolate Drinks
decadent drinking chocolate with biscotti $4.95
-made with melted chocolate drops and packed with intense chocolate flavor in every rich, velvety sip


New Member
The best dessert of all time in my opinion was the strawberry swirl ice creams, but they are gone now :( Now for my active favorite, they are the japanese snow cones that can be found in Japan area in EPCOT, excellent. I always go with the tricolored one. Dole whips are my favorite after that, but they are about a light year behind.


The Lava Cake at California Grill

The Lava Cake at California Grill with vanilla ice-cream. You have to order it at the start of your meal. It's made to order. We had it 4 years ago and my grandaughter still talks about it.


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While I LOVE them all my favorite snack dessert is a ..... DOLE whip. My favorite dessert after dinner is the brownie sundae at 50's Prime Time cafe. :slurp:

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