Best desert in WDW


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If you haven't had it, you should try it. They have it in the Norway pavillion in EPCOT. It's called rice cream. The name may sound weird but it is DELICIOUS!


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Best Dessert

My favorite is in UK--Lemon Posset(sp) It's wonderful just like the Rose and Crown. Really creamy, tart but no to tart with lots of great assorted berries on top. Our favorite place in the WORLD.


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Originally posted by TheOneVader
Never had one. What's in in em?

Peanut Butter sauce, Chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and chocolate and peanut butter chips, and what seemed like a quart of ice cream. Couldnt eat it all but gave it a great try. It was coming out of the big schooner so much that they have to serve it standing on a plate.:sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :slurp: :slurp: :slurp:


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in Mexico at Epcot, they have the most AMAZING churros EVER!

and there are a few "shack restaurants" (so i like to call them), and they have chocolate cake for dessert. It comes in a little black plastic bowl, and it has a white and brown striped thing-a-ma-bob on top (you'll know what i'm talking about if you ever see it, or if you've ever tried it). it's SO moist, it melts in your mouth. it's somewhat like a pudding, but not really...haha. it's better!

and PS: shack restaurants, to me, are all over the place. you get 6 meal choices, and most of them are the same...cheeseburgers, salads, etc. again, you'll know what i mean when you see it! haha
I've always loved the chocolate cake at Seasons. Yum!

Last trip I tried a chocolate cake at Norway and it was amazing. (Are you sensing a pattern yet?)

Also, I love nearly everything at Seashore Sweets, but I especially love their ice cream. I'm getting hungry just thinking about all of this sweet goodness!
OK, this is sorta weird but we were at that witchy candy shop in DTD (I don't remember the name of the store) but we were buying some fudge and the woman behind the counter suggested we try the "lemon meringue" fudge and I told her that sounded gross and without missing a beat she suggested I be a bit more open-minded. I took her up on her challenge and we bought some of this fudge and OMG, it was SOOoooo GOOD! She was right. It's lemon fudge with crispy marshmallow topping. Looks gross, tastes great!


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Artist Point Berry Cobbler. I'd heard it was good, but I didn't really like berry cobbler so I was hesitant to order it. Boy am I glad I did! It was delicious. I honestly don't even understand how it could possibly be that good. :slurp:


The best desert in WDW is in DHS @ the Prime Time 50's- SMORES!! My twin sister and I split one every time we visit Prime Time!! Its a tradition!:p

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