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  • Thankyou i love yours too. Im not to sure yet,i live in England so im gonna see when the dates are. But hopefully im going. Are you going :) x
    Have you seen the Jonas Brothers in consert?I am in Augest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm definiely going to Tampa, trying to convince my dad to take me to Ft. Lauderdale. It stinks because my mom was totally sold on going to Jacksonville, but they cancelled that show. So I don't know...........

    I'm still so upset about the bad box office numbers. I feel like the fans let them down a little. Shame on any fan who didn't go! Now Hannah Montana still holds the record.

    Don't forget to vote for Kid's Choice Awards. We can't let them think we're losing our enthusiasm.
    Went again tonight..... number 6. Oh yeah! However, I'm so bummed the movie tanked. What happened?

    WOOT for 3 Florida stops on the tour!!!
    You bet I did....................... four times already. lol. It's amazing, huh?

    Were you aware of the rumors that they were coming to Downtown Disney for the theater invasion? Of course it didn't happen, though JustJared, the Orlando Sentinal, and 107.7 were hinting at it. So guess what I did for nine hours on Sunday? lol. My sister and I met about ten other girls from FFE, and we spent the entire day there. Oops!
    I joined, but haven't filled out my profile yet, although my sister has. I have to divide my time between FF and WDWMagic now. lol. What is your name on FF so my sister and I can make friend requests?
    My sister and I both made accounts, but it's so hard to do anything on the site. It's so slow; there must be so many people on it. And I'm not quite sure what the whole thing means yet, but I looking forward to getting more involved and finding out more about it.
    I hope it's tour dates, but supposedly the "world tour" is in the summer, so I don't know............ fingers crossed!!
    Did you see the boys on New Year's Eve in Time's Square? They were so cute.

    Have you seen on the myspace update that there's going to be an announcement on Jan. 12? I wonder what it could be......
    I remember the boys saying in one interview that their fans are like their best friends, and that we know them even better than their friends and the people around them do. So when it comes to girls who date one of them, of course we can't help becoming apprehensive, and yes, even starting to dislike the girl. Because who's to say she truly knows him as well as we do? Most of the time, she doesn't. The Taylor Swift situation completely proves this theory to be correct. It's obvious she never knew Joe. I have no respect for her after seeing her childish response to the breakup. It's also the test of a true fan- some will say, it's personal, we don't know the story, or be happy for him. But we're not jealous, we're just worried about them. It's like when your best guy friend or brother starts dating someone you don't like, you say to yourself, does she really know him? And of course, this situation is worse because you might actually be IN LOVE with one of them!!!!

    Sometimes having OJD can be kind of painful. lol.

    Anyway, yeah, I had a good Christmas! I am a pianist, and I got a new electric piano. And sheet music for the third album!!! What did you get?
    Yeah, "fake fans" bother me, too. Mostly because they give the rest of us a bad name. Like the girls who scream in their face and practically tear off their arms and say "Will you marry me?" to their faces - makes you want to tell them that the fans who count aren't like that. Those are the girls who will move on eventually, whereas the real fans will be fans FOREVER.

    And it's not just knowing their favorite color or birthday or facts like that, it's about knowing their personalities. Seeing every video on youtube and reading every interview allows you to see the REAL them, if you're looking hard enough. By now, nothing they do or say surprises me, because watching them all this time has been like having them as friends. I think there is a very small group of fans out there that truly know them.

    The meet and greet is a good example. Girls come out saying, man, Nick was a jerk. He didn't smile and he hardly said anything. And I'm thinking, this is a suprise to you? Nick hardly smiles or talks when he's around his family (though he has loosened up in the past few months)! He's not being mean, that's just the way he is. grrr. And then when, on occasion, Joe is acting a little subdued on an interview, they say, what's wrong with Joe? He's not being funny. Is he sick? Hello! He's not always crazy!!

    and p.s.- it IS "touch the floor". I got the music for christmas, and it has Big Rob's lyrics.
    You're very lucky! Im definitley not a poser fan though...they definitley drive me crazy. Right now im bidding on ebay for its about time but who knows if Ill get it. Im going to try to got to the games this year its definitley on the top of my list. Right now i really want to go to TN for the concert but I cant :( oh well. I cant wait for next tour though. And I dont understand what ppl have against kevin either. Kevin is AMAZING! What really gets me going are the girls who go "WHAT DO U MEAN FOUR JONAS BROTHERS??? THERE'S ONLY 3! WHAT YOU MEAN THERE'S A LITTLE ONE TOO???!!!!" that is so annoying. How do you not know there are 4 of them. GRR! lol.

    I get way more upset about fake fans than I should though. And if someone gets a Jonas fact wrong I have to correct it. Ive gotten into alot of arguments over that kind of stuff. Im not sure why it annoys me soo much but it does. People who say Nick has type two diabetes and that his favorite color is orange really gets on my last nerve. And my "friend" who is supposedly has ojd keeps attempting to correct me on the words to burnin up. She swears in the rap part that they say "....stop drop and roll and touch your toes..." and im pretty sure its "....stop drop and roll and touch the floor...".

    But you've had to deal with it longer than I have. I wish I could say I have been a fan for that long lol. But its going to be two years next month! TWO AMAZING YEARS LOL :)
    I've been a fan since before It's About Time came out. I remember going out to buy it on the release date, and we had to go to about five stores because nobody had it, or even knew who the heck the Jonas Brothers were. Now, you have to go to five stores because they're all sold out! But yeah, totally hate poser fans. Biggest pet peeve ever? Girls who say, I love the Jonas Brothers, but not Kevin. WHAT! I mean, if you say you love the Jonas Brothers, that means all of them, not two-thirds of them. I have no idea what people have against Kevin anyway. He ROCKS.

    Definitely try to get to disney channel games this year, fingers crossed that everything goes as before. In 2007, my sister got a hug from Joe, she always has such luck! And that's when my mom started loving them, too. She was so impressed at their gentlmenly behavior. lol!
    Have you ever been to the filming of the disney channel games at WDW? They have been there two years in a row and it's free. It's very possible to say something to them there, though it was much easier to talk to them in 2007 than in 2008, as you can imagine! It's so strange being a fan from the beginning, because it used to be so easy to see them, and now they're huge! How long have you been a fan?
    Get ready, this is a long story. lol!!!

    What happened was, on Joe's birthday the boys were taking calls on Radio Disney. My sister and I were trying for about two hours, and then I said we should give up. A few minutes later, my sister decided to try one more time, and she got right through!!! She talked to them and told them we had been fans since before the first album, and that we were so proud of them and so happy that they haven't changed. (They sounded extremely happy to hear that.) Then they asked what show we were coming to, and she told them she was going to two, for her sixteenth birthday. So Kevin gave her two meet and greet passes as a birthday present!!!!!!! It was unbelievable!!!

    The meet and greet itself was so surreal and quick, I was freaking out. But we tried to appear calm and non-psycho. lol. We didn't get to hug them, no, I shook their hands instead. Because sometimes these girls are like, screaming in their faces and grab them, and it seems to freak them out a little bit. So we just wanted to look like respectful girls. Most of all I was so suprised to get a big smile from Nick, which I did not expect!! He's always so serious even at meet and greets, if you you-tube it you'll see. His smile completely threw me off-guard. I was probably standing there like a dope for for a second, lol. We gave them a gift bag that had a letter and something for each of them, Frankie too. And as we were walking away, I turned around for one more look, and Nick waved at me!! It was the most amazing thing in the world. We came out and were weren't jumping up and down or crying or anything. We just sorta looked at each other and were like, okay. That was the Jonas Brothers. I am going to die. lol!!!! It was so amazing.
    actually I went to two as well!! I went to the Tampa and West Palm Beach shows. Wasn't the west palm beach show crazy!! like with the puppets, and the sumo wrestler suit!!! I also had a meet and greet in tampa. I still can't believe that.
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