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  • My dad is good, though he has his days. He's loving living in Tennessee right now (they moved down here after they retired back in Chicago) They're just hanging out in their pool and enjoying life--which is just what they need. Thank you so much for asking about him. :)
    Hey! Thanks for checking in. We're doing well. Working hard but also trying to fit in some summer fun. How have you been?
    Rode it in March. Great improvements. Ride car the same as before the refurb.

    I'm lucky. My back isn't so bad that I can't enjoy stuff like Tower of Terror and Mission Space. As long as there's back support and no jerking I'm there!
    I rode Space Mountain one time No more ! it took two cast members just to take me out of the car. Very embarrassing.. Star tours was fun but you right, very jerky ride...

    Unfortunately, I have to pick chose rides like Spaceship earth, rio del tiemp type rides. Pirates a litlle jerky not bad.. Do you ride the New Spaceship earth yet? if so, how was it?
    thank you for your feedback. I do have major back problems.. i will undergo back surgery again in August.. Thanks...
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