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A Spirited Dirty Dozen ...


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The fried chicken at Homecoming was excellent. The doughnut it was paired with was nothing spectacular and presumably a gimmick.
The place is overrated. I had the chicken salad and moonshine cake. The former was good, but not great and the size was on the small side for $16. The latter was probably the best item at the table but most fanbois won't touch it since it has alcohol in it.

Having said that, I've eaten at Morimoto Asia, Homecoming and BOATHOUSE and would actually put them in that order. All three are pricey though so just singling out Homecoming isn't fair.
I think Morimoto and Boathouse are wonderful and worlds better than Homecoming. I've been to Boathouse probably five times now and never had less than very good food and excellent service. Been to Morimoto 3-4 times now and enjoy it quite a bit as well. They both are in another league than Homecoming, which is comfort food at crazy price points for simple palates.

Captain America Civil War is a great addition to the MCU. I've come to find your opinions on movies largely contrarian so with that in mind, you'd probably hate it. I felt it was a better successor to the original Avengers than Age of Ultron.
I don't care to discuss the merits of Marvel films in my limited time here. Get your tix online for opening night of Dr. Strange. I wonder if Dr. Blondie is having a cupcake party for her Orlandowhores?


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Might it be that Spirit loves Disney as it was run for decades before Iger and his minions started running the company into the ground for personal profit.

It's possible to love the Disney experience but utterly despise the way company is being run.
I don't understand why this point is so difficult for people to understand. You can love Disney parks and much of the company's creative product and HATE the management of the company. It really is possible!


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Here is a prime example from local burger place compare to deluxe burger joint.

Here is a picture of the fries from a local burger joint that I go to once in a while with them costing $2.10:

If you are wondering a small order of fries at the deluxe burger joint at Disney Springs cost $4.99.

That burger in the picture actually cost much less than the burgers at the deluxe burger joint also.
I know multiple friends who have tried the Disney burger joint. They have said the burgers are tasty, but they all complained about the obscene add on for a small order of fries. Some had issues with the dipping sauces as well.

If I want a good burger at a fair price when I am at DS, I'll drive five minutes to Fuddrucker's at the Crossroads, which always seems to give me the cast discount even though I am not Cast!

BTW, has anyone reported that a Five Guys is opening at Disney Village in Paris?


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It's odd to me that DCL can charge beyond premium rates* from ports within a 3-hour drive of WDW, but can't seem to get customers elsewhere. It's an Achilles heel that I would think would limit their long-term growth.

* Royal Caribbean tweeted at a blogger friend of mine this morning--same itinerary as a DCL boat, one week earlier in 2018, is $1,000 cheaper on their newest boat.
Yup. I wonder what will happen down the line when the Spirit and Imagination come online. I know Disney has long term plans for Asia, but they are soooo behind there.

I still am amazed that people will spend as much or more for a 4-night Bahamas cruise on the Dream, then I can pay for a two-week transatlantic cruise on other lines.

DCL is a great product, no denying that at all. But the premiums are outrageous.


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The only DS places that seem to get unanimous raves from the fan community are Boathouse (well deserved) and Jocks (I suspect more for the atmosphere and friendly staff than the drinks).

Opinions on Homecoming seem decidedly mixed, tho you can't be surprised a large percentage of people who uprooted their lives to live near a theme park are big on a place that makes comfort food seem fancy.

Blaze is a novel concept new to the area (unless you visit Artegon, and no one does). Also the closest thing to a new, affordable fast food spot in DS in a decade. Earl of Sandwich had the same cult fandom 10 years ago.

STK was just an obvious mistake (no pun intended). An expense account steakhouse that turns into a nightclub after 10, they were genuinely surprised when the stroller brigades showed up for dinner at 5, ordered dessert, then cleared out by 8:45,. with no late night party crowd wandering in after from, I don't know, Uniqlo or the Marvel Superhero Store. Even bloggers, maybe especially bloggers, love to feel smugly superior--in this case, it's fun to dogpile STK corporate for being so clueless. (I mean, come on, did they even walk around the area before signing a lease? Or did they just look at convention-goer numbers on paper.)

The real star this year has been Toothsome over at CityWalk. Unique, striking design + good and reasonably priced food = 3 hour waits for a table. But the days of Disney Imagineering designing a signature restaurant are long past.
All very good points. It does make one ponder how many of these places will be operating in a year, 18 months, 36 months time. Too many food locations competing. And how many are going to pull in locals? I love some of the new places, as I just posted, but they can't all be successful, let alone with those onerous lease agreements. ... And the retail will be worse. How long before empty storefronts dot the place and then have Disney crap outlets move in, lowering the value for the tenants who remain?


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So, naturally I pre-ordered the new Disney Maps book on Amazon months ago. It came last week and ... and ... and ... well, it has some nice art in it. No doubt. But I have seen a good 90% of what is in it and I even own a lot of the items in it (the giant fun maps of DL, MK and EPCOT Center ... the first Euro Disney one, which I bought at EPCOT's France pavilion in 1993 etc.) I was hoping for more art and unique art on the international parks and sadly disappointed. Other than one 2008 SDL rendering when they were clearly in blue sky as it doesn't really show anything, there was nothing really in there of value. And they need some editors at D23 because the TDL map they state is from 1981 (two years before the park debuted) is likely closer to 1991 based on attractions shown and open.

Also bothered me that a good 6-8 pages are devoted to the maps from the two interactive games at the MK. Sure, they are nice. But every fan and his eBay buying momma own these from visiting or buying. I think people might have enjoyed more unique stuff and even maps of parks that were fully designed, like Disney's America, and never built.
That's disappointing. I still may pick it up, but it would be nice if it had more variety.

Don't be shocked if my pal Chappie makes some changes in the near future. He feels a strong need to show he knows his business (he still doesn't ... but you'd be given years to learn your job too, right?) and means it.
That's kind of vague, can you extrapolate? Management changes? Operational changes? Actual attraction changes?


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Don't be so shallow and pedantic. There was once a good balance. Obviously no one is saying Disney should charge $60 night for a resort room. But when you consider the high cost of a park ticket (especially park hopper) plus high priced food, and then throw in an extremely overpriced resort room That's already 30% off but still $300 per night, you find yourself feeling choked with the cost and just want some type of a break.
I'll say it. Disney loses no $$$ by offering $49-59 rooms at its value motels. BTW, those were regular AP and FL resident rates for many years. I'd often stay for rates in the $30s with CM deals. ... The most I have ever paid for one was $79 for a room at the Music way back in the summer of 1996. I felt that was the absolute most I could justify. The idea that people regularly pay well over $100 a night for them is just not indicative of any understanding of the O-Town hotel market.

DIS could make a profit on $100 a night rooms at the Poly now, you know that, right? (No, not suggesting that should be the rate just trying to make a point.)


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Hah. I forgot how funny this place can be.

The research was Bob Iger desperately wants Marvel IP in 'his' parks. The research was that Bob 'Chappie' Chapek loves Marvel from his days selling toy Thor hammers and Iron Man masks and wanted to look good to The Weatherman. The research was that WDI could rip Tower apart and redo it for the fraction of the cost, and time, of a new build.

There's your stinking research.

I don't really care. I thought the first Captain America film was quite good. The second largely crappy CGI-filled garbage and never saw the third. Saw Batman vs. Superman on a plane and found it OK, not very good, but not nearly as bad as many led me to believe. But again, I don't want to engage in a huge discussion on why Marvel is super kewl and why I should love it. It may be popular, but still is a godawful fit for Disney, even as they ready the Iron Man Experience in HKDL. ... But I do love the GotG!
I stand by my "contrarian" comment with you regarding movies.


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Quite frankly I can't even remember the last time wdw1974 even shared information with us which was actually useful or even accurate. It's gotta be at least 5 years and that is being generous.
Just go away!
If only someone tracked this stuff.

He broke the entire Shanghai Disneyland opening day lineup as well as the Guardians of the Tower story. But aside from that, you're right. He never provides us with any useful information.

He's a loud, opinionated poster. That bothers some people but he's not going to change his opinions or spewing facts when they're unpopular. Sure it's buried on a niche forum, but he's one of the few legit sources of information in the entire Disney fan community, typically scooping "real" reporters on information.


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My preference would be somewhere in between. My personal preference for a room style is more in-line with what Disney coins as their moderates... in terms of room features, etc. If Disney wants to have a product in a motel level of room below that level... I'm not going to have a fit about it. But the pricing of the values impacts the pricing on the moderates for obvious reasons. So I can't flush them from the equation entirely.

If Disney were charging more like $130-$180/200 for their moderates... I think that would be a better balance of my willingness to pay for what product they are offering. I think their Values should be more like $90-$120. But their actual prices are more like $120-210.. and moderates are more like $220-$300 hence the disconnect in the pricing.

I am fine with most of the amenity levels at the value and moderates with the exception of transportation... I just don't want to be paying an ultra premium when the product does not match the price.

When I have to stay in NYC and pay redonkulous prices... it doesn't mean I'm willing to pay those prices, I'm pretty much forced to and do so begrudgingly. I don't want to be UPSET by my vacation... that kind of sets things off on the wrong foot.
You are more generous than I am.


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Fair enough. And I think Disney needs to step up their game no doubt. For example, last year when we had an issue after returning from MVMCP, I was told I couldn't speak to the night manager at the Poly because there was no night manager. I literally had to call the WDW Guest Relations line at 1AM to find out I was being lied to. She explained that the night manager handled multiple hotels, but would have him brought over from the Yacht Club immediately if I wanted. At that point we just wanted Togo to bed and had to fight with the desk manager the next morning to have the issue corrected. I shouldn't have to do that paying $300+ a night. I expect good customer service and you just don't get it at Disney hotels anymore.
That is disgusting. How ANY resort refuses to have a manager on duty is so typical of Disney. A Comfort Suites in Iowa can get you a manager, but a WDW Resort? Of course, they don't want anyone making more than $10 an hour working at 1 a.m.


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Along with everyone and their mother. It was broke literally a couple of weeks before Disney announced it. what a talented lad!!!

I remember back when the reimagined fantasy land caught everyone with there pants down. Especially him. He was refuting it to the bitter end.
He gets defended here for no reason.
No, he broke it. Here's the timeline.


March 19, 2016: WDWMagic.com user WDW1974 is reporting that Marvel content is coming to Walt Disney World.

March 19, 2016: In a follow up post on WDWMagic.com user WDW1974 is reporting that Disney is looking to overhaul Tower of Terror at Disney's California Adventure with a Guardians of the Galaxy theme. The area near Tower of Terror in California has previously been rumored to become a Marvel themed area.

In a subsequent post he explained that the concept would be a visit to The Collector's mansion.

Per his report, the overhaul is being seriously considered for Disney's Hollywood Studios as well.

March 20, 2016: WDWMagic.com user WDW1974 offered more detail on the Tower of Terror project. He said that this product is in development and was fueled by Bob Chapek's (head of Parks and Resorts) desire to get Marvel into the stateside parks quickly. The initial plan of a Captain America inspired coaster and Disney California Adventure has been delayed due to the cost overruns in Shanghai.

In order to get more value the desire would be to change both Disney California Adventure's version of Tower of Terror as well as Disney's Hollywood Studios version. The timeline would be a January 2017 closure for California with the attraction re-opening by May or June. The Florida would likely follow. There is the potential that this change would be nothing more than a seasonal overlay in Florida, but a desire to add more to that park has this likely being a permanent overhaul to the attraction.

March 21, 2016: WDWMagic.com user WDW1974 is reporting that the project appears to be 90% certain for Disney California Aventure and 50% certain for Disney's Hollywood Studios. President of Walt Disney World, George Kalogridis is reportedly concerned about issues with park operations that would result from the closure of Tower of Terror. He has proposed modifying one side of the attraction at a time.

March 28, 2016: On the most recent premium episode of the Unofficial Guide's Disney Dish Podcast, Jim discusses the overlay of Guardians of the Galaxy on Tower of Terror. According to Jim, this stemmed from guests in Orlando being upset that Hyperspace Mountain was not included in the Disney World Star Wars event, but was included in Disneyland. As a result of fan response, Chairman of Parks and Resorts, Bob Chapek was attempting to make good on the Hyperspace Mountain complaints and wanted to have this overlay on both coasts. However, there was a significant fan outcry about this that has reportedly caused them to reconsider.

Jim also mentioned that legally there would be questions around use of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters when Avengers Infinity War debuts in theaters in 2018. That movie is expected to have the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy fighting alongside the characters in the Avengers which would then potentially make a theme park attraction a breach of contract.

April 19, 2016: WDWMagic.com user WDW1974 is reporting that while the budget for this project hasn't been approved for Fiscal Year 2017 it is, "almost a done deal for Anaheim and still likely for Orlando."

May 3, 2016: MiceChat.com posted a Disneyland update, in which they explained that the Guardians of the Galaxy rumor is indeed true for Disney California Adventure. While the article offered no additional confirmation about changes to the Hollywood Studios version of the attraction, details on the California Adventure version are as follows:

  • Attraction to close this fall, re-opening in May with the premier for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 being at Disney California Adventure.
  • Exterior and interior refurbishment would take place.
  • Testing has been taking place since the winter.
  • The storyline would involve The Collector character from the movie.
  • The project could potentially be canceled if problems continue in Shanghai, Disneyland.


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When tortured numbers will tell you whatever you want to hear.
Well between the massacre, the Zika outbreak, and the gator attack, Orlando definitely took some hits this summer, but otherwise the last couple of years have shown a constant upward trend. The various "touring plans" type sites all seem to be in agreement that things are busier. TEA isn't questioning the numbers either.

You are calling BS on Disney's attendance and occupancy numbers?
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