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    Jurassic World

    Unfortunately when I see blatant product placement in movies it take me out of the element. Its cool if its there but when the camera does a sweeping shot of your logo just to get it in the movie it breaks me from the moment.
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    Jurassic World

    I watched it yesterday. Chris Pratt is the highlight of the film. Unfortunately product placement was out of control in this movie and it was thrown at you constantly. The ending /climax was a little cheesy but I still enjoyed it worth the 5.75 I paid. I don't think it will stand the test of...
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    Is Stitch's Great Escape REALLY that bad?

    I like Stitch, if anything its a nice cool break from the heat. Alien Encounter freaked me out too much.
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    Hey did something happen to mouse bits?

    Hey did something happen to mouse bits?
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    TEA Attendance Report Now due June 3rd

    I found it good for a chuckle
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    Disney Quest's 'Ride the Comix' set to close this weekend

    On a lighter note I found this related image while trying to remember what "Ride the Comix" was
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    New flyover animations on My Disney Experience

    The thing is they really don't want you to see if for how it is.. From the air you can see castmember only areas, dumpsters, service trucks, smoking castmembers. It breaks the illusion of that perfect world.
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    New flyover animations on My Disney Experience

    It would be nice if they did a walk around inside
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    Carousel of Progress audio issues

    My remedy for bad audio issues is to bring your headphones and listen to the ride track on your smartphone. I have used this on Spaceship Earth to get Jeremy Irons narration back when I don't want to know about the ABC's
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    Wetzel's Pretzels closing at the end of this week

    I freaking love those pretzels they are so bad, yet so good. :inlove:
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    The Mine Train 'temper your expectations' thread

    Round the clock construction does apply because it would allow the crew to get better access to the site with less restrictions.. I had a couple of jobs that didn't allow access to the site after 6 pm unless we were granted special permission. It would bum you out if you were in the middle of a...
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    The Mine Train 'temper your expectations' thread

    Ok, so maybe not the best excuse in the world but.. I worked commercial construction for a year on much more boring things, door installations, trim, accessories, bathroom accessories, ect. When you are working construction you work based on a set time frame that you bid on before the job is...
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